Arc 6 – Chapter 35, “Thin Ice Relations” (Part 3/3)


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  • Ice_Occultism, /u/Ice_Occultism

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  • Beidh, /u/Beidh
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  • Note to anyone reading this, it’s in the process of retranslation, this was one of my first ever TLs and it’s very poor quality, so I am trying to fix a lot of it.

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[Emilia: This morning… we couldn’t find you in the dragon carriage. As you were also nowhere to be found in any of the rooms on fourth floor… we were pretty worried.]

Subaru’s curiosity was piqued by the word dragon carriage, but he did not open his mouth in fear of interrupting Emilia’s story. Perhaps, the lizard which stood in the Green Room was related to Earth Dragons in some way? It seems as if the carriage was drawn in the same fashion as horse-drawn carriages used to be. His curiosity in wanting to see the thing in action had to be postponed.

[Beatrice: Betty was not at her wit’s end as much as Emilia was, in fact. Simply, I was worried that I wasn’t able to understand the whereabouts of my contractor within this strange tower, I suppose. So, we went searching around the tower for you…]

[Subaru: … searching for me?]

[Emilia: We found you collapsed on the third floor, in the white library, and then brought you to the Green Room.]

Subaru breathed out an “Uhh” after hearing Emilia and Beatrice’s joint explanation.

[Julius: The third floor is one of the floors within this tower. We are currently on the fourth floor, trying to reach the topmost floor – that is, the first floor in our efforts to capture the tower… it was thanks to your knowledge that we have already reached the third floor.]

[Subaru: Thanks for explaining… huuh, thanks to my knowledge!?]

Julius fills in Subaru with the missing details, explaining how the tower was structured. Although, to Subaru, the contents seemed to be quite lacking in credibility. However, Emilia continues her speech:

[Emilia: That’s how it happened. All we heard was gibberish, but Subaru was able to solve it all by himself… you were reaaaalllly amazing.]

[Subaru: Hahaha, thank you… gibberish, I don’t hear that term used often nowadays.] 1

[Emilia: ……]

[Subaru: Did I say something strange?]

Though Subaru had intended to praise Emilia, she remained silent as if concealing embarrassment in hearing these words. For a second, he had seen the traces of some strong emotion flicker across her eyes, like a ripple in a pond, but he didn’t know what it was.

[Subaru: By the way, so you brought me here, to that room full of grass…]

[Beatrice: That room is protected by a special spirit. That spirit has the power to heal people’s wounds… that is why Rem’s also sleeping there, in fact.]

[Subaru: Okay, okay, I see. So, that’s why I was also brought in… By the way, what are the chances that my memory disappeared due to that room?]

[Emilia: That’s…]

Subaru closes one of his eyes as Emilia is about to reply and plunges into thought. After all, if the spirit took the form of some kind of plant, Subaru doubts that the spirit could necessarily be benevolent – after all it could possess an intrinsic nature of cruelty.

Flowers can be pretty, and filled with sweet nectar to attract insects to carry their pollen. However, sometimes, carnivorous plants can be camouflaged as such, so that they can drain the life force from their prey.

Instead of healing his body, it could have absorbed his memory. Such a possibility existed.

[Echidna: It’s quite a wild idea, but it’s very doubtful. I’ve been in that room longer than you have, and nothing untoward has happened to me.]

[Subaru: …is my condition linked to how the original owner of your body isn’t able to come out, somehow?]

[Echidna: Regarding Ana, that happened before we came to the tower. Her condition has no relevance to the Green Room. That’s right… did the Earth Dragon who was in the room forget you?]

[Subaru: Huh?]

[Echidna: That Earth Dragon has a deep bond with you. Suppose, for argument’s sake, her memory was taken away from her by the room’s spirit… don’t you think she would probably ignore you?]

Echidna reminds Subaru of the Earth Dragon that had been near him when he woke up. Certainly that Earth Dragon was extremely friendly towards Subaru. It was convinced that it was Subaru’s Earth Dragon. It was quite surprising.

[Subaru: That Earth Dragon, she’s a female…?]

[Echidna: Let’s get back on topic. The chances of that room causing such wickedness are not high at all. I think that the problem occurred on the third floor, in the room you collapsed in – The Third Floor’s Taygeta’s library.]

[Emilia: Yeah, yes. In that room, Subaru was collapsed on the white floor…]

Emilia grips her wrist tightly, as she reflected back at that moment.

[Emilia: I was in a panic… I carried you from that room, and then went to call everyone, but…]

[Beatrice: Subaru woke up during that time, and then he found himself in this condition, in fact. Therefore, it would be difficult to imagine that the Green Room would have time to do such a deed, I suppose. After all, going to that library…]

If there had been a cause to his memory loss, it would likely be that the origin was the library. It seemed like a common point of view had been reached, but Subaru didn’t really understand it.

That’s because his power of imagination probably does not reach to what kind of room ‘the library’ in reality actually could be other than a simple library.

[Subaru: Taygeta? What kind of room is this Taygeta library? Somehow, that sounds familiar…]

[Julius: That library is the place where『The Books of the Dead』exist.]

[Subaru:『The Books of the Dead』… is this still junior high…, hey!]

Showing interest, Subaru attempts to get to grips with the existence of these『Books of the Dead.』 But just as he reacted, Julius continues to speak, saying: “Although there is no concrete confirmation.”

[Julius: There are a number of books bearing the names of people who are now deceased from around the world, in this library. To read the books, you likely have to be qualified to do so by knowing the person who had died.]

[Subaru: What bad taste… what is written in those books?]

[Julius: The past life of the dead is written there. Intense memories are scorched into your mind; it is not an experience you would like to try over and over again.]

There was such a weight to Julius’ words in his explanation, which could only have been expressed by one who had personally experienced this sensation. It seemed to Subaru that the memories of the dead were not something he wanted to have scorched into his mind. To say it frankly, experiencing this sort of shock was not something he was keen to do. And…, if he had collapsed in a library where such experiences are possible…

[Subaru: Was I reading one of those books and collapsed? No way, is that what destroyed my memory?]

[Echidna: I can’t say that the possibility isn’t there. About that, 『Sage』, what do you think?]

[Shaula: … maybe, are you talking to meee?]

While nodding at Subaru’s guess, Echidna turned to face Shaula. Subaru found that Sage was a really disproportionate way of calling her. He wondered why she was named as such – to him Shaula looked like the furthest thing from a『Sage』in this room.

[Shaula: Even if I have to repeat it many times, my answer will not chaaange! I don’t know much about the tower, except its ruuuuulesu! Now that you mention it, I am strict with rule breaking. Whatever Master did in the tower, it has no relatiooooon!]

[Subaru: To begin with, I don’t know why Shaula is calling me master, but…]

[Ram: Don’t worry. Barusu’s answer is all too similar as before he lost his memory. You’re just using this as an excuse because it’s convenient… disgusting!]

[Subaru: How did you allow yourself to come to that conclusion!]

Subaru looked on in bewilderment at Shaula’s declaration – her gaze seemed to emanate deep, deep affection. Even if he could appreciate the environment he was in, which had this glamorous, beautiful woman present in it, not understanding the source of her affection only yields way to confusion and bewilderment for Subaru. Besides, this woman’s deep affection gives him a strange feeling of unease; it felt completely different from the sincere feelings which Beatrice and Emilia had shown him. He doesn’t understand whether this is a harmful effect of his memory being gone or not.

[Subaru: In any case, that library feels suspicious. If it’s perhaps our only clue that can lead us to returning my memories back, then it’s worthwhile going there and checking it out.]

[Julius: Yes, we should do that. Even under normal circumstances, difficult problems happen one after the other. There are seldom times where problems and misfortune never crop up. Besides, in these circumstances, you must honestly realise that…]

[Subaru: What must I realise?]

[Julius: … you, oh, just how many things are you making up for?] 2

In hearing Julius’ words, Subaru closes one of his eyes and snorts. It was not from embarrassment that he had reacted like this; he smiles bitterly. On Natsuki Subaru they must depend on, even at the end. Bad things come in threes – misfortunes never occur alone. Once again, Subaru had been unaware of the burden he felt that was on him.3

[Subaru: Anyways, after I finish eating, I’d like to go to the library and if the memories that I lost are scattered around there, I’d like to go pick them up and refill my mind with them.]

[Emilia: That’s a weird way of saying it… you really are Subaru!]

[Subaru: You really are Subaru… saying that, huh, wait, it’s probably not a compliment!?]

Emilia smiled gently at the flustered Subaru. The tension that had been filling the air seemed to have relaxed a bit. A plan had been decided; Subaru started to begin to feel a little bit more positive towards their course of action.

[Echidna: I am sorry to interrupt you, Natsuki-kun, there’s just one thing I want to ask you.]

[Subaru: Well, since you’re already speaking, go ahead. What is it?]

[Echidna: No, this isn’t related to your memory, or capturing the tower, it’s something I wish to ask out of curiosity… ]

Echidna starts to stroke her wavy hair, and with an adorable look on her face, compounded by a look of deep intelligence in her light blue eyes, she asks:

[Echidna: What does that word you speak quite often of, “Parallel World”, mean?]

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  • [1] Probably references the fact that Emilia talks in an old-fashioned way.
  • [2] The use of 補って in this sentence is confusing. This exchange between Julius and Subaru was tricky to decipher. Think Julius is referring back to the night before (Eridna’s confessions) and how Subaru was at fault and should be making up for it.
  • [3] Not such a strong translation here, the gist should roughly be okay though. Also, I translated the proverb to the common English one which states threes but does not necessarily mean three specifically in this context.

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