Arc 8, Chapter 66 – “The Magic Crystal Cannon”


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 ――Rewinding time to before Cecilus Segmunt slayed the star.

???: [That’s why there’s people who’re more motivated than me flyin’ around. So long as they ain’t stronger than me, I guess there ain’t no problem.]

???: [People stronger than Halibel-san…]

Halibel: [The only one who’s absolutely stronger than me is the Kingdom’s Sword Saint. Other than that, it depends on compatibility ‘n the circumstances.]

Halibel’s softly-worded response gave Subaru a sense of both relief and trepidation.

Cecilus being included, as an ally, having a strong person take pride in their strength was nothing short of reassuring. That was especially true if they were among the strongest in the world.

Precisely because of that, he could not help but be astounded by how out of the ordinary Reinhard was, who had his strength “absolutely” guaranteed by some of the world’s strongest.

???: [The two of you sure have plenty of time to talk, no?]

Abel’s sullen voice interrupted the conversation between Subaru and Halibel.

Drawing a line of flame with his treasured sword of crimson, he led the group with the Yang Sword in hand, cutting down the undead in their way and igniting their very existence.

The power of the Yang Sword was incredible, allowing Abel, who was originally only capable of catfighting with the child Subaru, to move as well as a first-rate martial artist.

Frankly, the sight of Abel kicking the ground with such agility and dancing with the sword was enough to bug his brain.

Vincent: [You disrespectful lot, do not make the Emperor do all of the fighting for you.]

Subaru: [Shut up, this is your punishment for hiding your trump card. Besides, I’m not making you do all of the――]

Work, was what Subaru was about to say, before he was interrupted by a tremor.

Subaru: [――――]

What had caused the ground to shake, was two undead who had dropped from the sky.

A giant and a tall figure landed as if to obstruct their path, readying their weapons behind the sullen-faced Abel and Subaru, who glared at him. It was as if the two were trying to make them pay for foolishly arguing on the battlefield――,

Vincent: [The Monster Arm, Rondando.]

Abel’s calm, black eyes reflected the undead behind Subaru while calling out that name; he stabbed his Yang Sword into the other undead that had appeared behind him, burning its existence.

Accepting the offered name, Subaru looked back at the man standing behind him, who had only an oddly-developed right arm, and saw Halibel caught the surprise attack with one raised finger.

In their contest of strength, the giant did not overwhelm his opponent.

Halibel: [Don’tcha be disappointed, you’re real powerful. I just gave ya some ground.]

Halibel stood with his heels in the air, the streets rippling like the surface of water beneath his feet before dissipating. That highlighted the difference in status between the still-herculean might of the Monster Arm and Halibel.

Whether that was a relief or not was unknown, but in any case, it was helpful.

Subaru: [Rondando!]

???: [U!]

Onto the body of the Monster Arm, who had been stopped from moving, Spica’s palm was placed as she held Subaru’s hand. The next moment, the role of the undead was stripped away, and their opponent, clouded by hostility―― Rondando blinked his eyes.

Turning to dust from his fingertips, Rondando was released from the mission that had been imposed upon him. That their face looked relieved as they disappeared, was most likely because Subaru wanted to believe it so.

???: [That’s a more peaceful way to go than having your soul burned away, I suppose.]

Beatrice, who held Subaru’s hand opposite from Spica, understood his sentiments.

To the kind judgment from his partner, Subaru said “Yeah” and squeezed her tiny hand back, and then he looked up at the wolfman beside him.

Subaru: [That was helpful, Halibel-san! Thank you!]

Halibel: [No worries, no worries, it’s just as the Emperor-san said. I shouldn’t be just lookin’ ’round all the time, I at least gotta make up for the sleepin’ kid.]

Halibel laughed appreciatively and bobbed his kiseru up and down between his teeth.

The wolfman was holding the unconscious Jamal in his arms, but contrary to boasting about his overwhelming strength, he was probably being overly modest about his performance.

Jamal was in a bad state, but this reinforcement more than filled the gap that he had left behind.

Beatrice: [It would be troublesome if you were satisfied with simply working as a replacement for Jamal, I suppose. An outlier like you must work even harder, in fact.]

Subaru: [I didn’t say that…!]

Halibel: [Well, ain’tcha a fierce lil’ pup. But, it’s more invigoratin’ when someone expects that much from ya. Though, if I get too enthusiastic ‘n die, the wolfmen might end up gettin’ wiped out.]

Subaru: [Let me just say this, I feel like if it’s a situation where Halibel-san would die, I have a suspicion that the entire world would be destroyed, not just the wolfmen…]

This was not an exaggeration; it bore repeating that this was a battle on that sort of scale.

As was always the case, Subaru was frantically fighting against the obstacles that stood in his way, fervently trying to deal with them, and persevering to somehow overcome these obstacles with all of his friends.

Subaru: [Could lower-level people like me please not have to fight against the enemies of the world… what’s with those eyes, Spica?]

Spica: [Uuau…?]

Beatrice: [The day that you became Betty’s partner and Emilia’s Knight, it was already too late, is what Spica is trying to say, in fact.]

Subaru: [There’s no way Spica would have such a detailed overview of the state of the world!]

He objected to Beatrice’s arbitrary interpretation. Nevertheless, Spica’s reaction seemed to indicate that it was generally correct. He tried to stare at his hands, but could not do so because both of them were being held by the little girls. How unfortunate.

Halibel watched the scene with thread-thin eyes, in a good humor――,

Vincent: [――Enough of this frolicking.]

Again, Abel spoke in a cold voice that seemed to split the air.

However, no one, including Subaru, could complain about his latest request―― because, they had finally arrived before their destination.

Subaru: [――The Crystal Palace.]

Even from a distance, the towering majesty of the palace was overwhelming, but looking upon it up close like this, that impression was not diminished, but only intensified.

It was not for nothing that it was praised as the most beautiful palace in the world.

Beatrice: […Such an outrageous palace, I suppose!]

Beatrice muttered as she tightened her grip on Subaru’s hand. What was contained in that murmur was not an admiration of the beauty of the palace, but a quiet fear.

When Subaru gave her a sidelong glance to inquire about her true intentions, her eyes, with their distinctive patterns, flickered,

Beatrice: [To amass such a large amount of rare and highly pure magic crystals is something extraordinary, in fact. Even if we were to overturn the Empire, we would never be able to build something like this, I suppose.]

Subaru: [That being said, it’s actually here, right?]

Beatrice: […So, this means that they crafted the magic crystals they lacked, in fact. It’s no wonder that the number of Spirits willing to lend a helping hand to others is extremely low in the Empire, I suppose.]

Subaru: [That’s…]

Subaru was taken aback by Beatrice’s grim face and her words.

In short, a Magic Stone was a mass of condensed Mana, and their purest form was called a magic crystal. The fact was that Beatrice, after seeing the Crystal Palace, which had been made lavishly from it, looked extremely displeased and said what she had just said.

Vincent: [Magic crystals can be artificially created by preparing a large amount of colorless Mana and condensing it. There is no denying that such a process was involved in the completion of the Crystal Palace.]

Beatrice: [Not just Subaru, but Betty is telling you too, in fact. ――This Empire is detestable, I suppose.]

Abel’s words and Beatrice’s reaction gave away the fact that many Spirits had their lives sacrificed to build this castle. This was something Subaru, a Spiritual Arts User, certainly had some feelings about――.

Subaru: [Beako, I know how you feel. But, that and this fight are…]

Halibel: [Now, now, there’s no need for ya to say nothin’, the kid gets it just right. Ya see, Vollachia’s history’s bloody ‘n unequaled, but the Shinobi are just as bad in retrospect.]

Beatrice: [Don’t compare two bads and talk about which is better than the other, in fact.]

With her cheeks puffed out, Beatrice responded to Subaru and Halibel.

Then, noticing the gaze of Spica peering at her through Subaru,

Beatrice: [It’s alright, Spica, I suppose. My conclusion is the same as Subaru’s, in fact. Despite hating the Empire, there are people living here who have helped us, and there are even those whom Betty doesn’t dislike. That’s why Betty will fight earnestly, I suppose.]

Spica: [Eao…]

Beatrice: […Just now, Betty felt like you called her “Beako”, in fact. Only Subaru is allowed to call her that, not you, I suppose.]

Saying this with even more dissatisfaction than when she had seen the Crystal Palace, Beatrice then smiled. At that smile, Spica let out a “Uuu~” of relief, which came along with a deep sigh from Subaru.

On the other hand, Abel, who had lived in this castle which was the root of all evil, remained indifferent to the emotional compromise of Subaru and the others as he gazed upon the castle.

Subaru: [It’s not just about you; it’s about the deeds of your ancestors. Show some remorse.]

Vincent: [The Emperor does not easily bow his head. If you truly wish to pursue those responsible from that period, you should take a walk. Those who were involved in the construction of the castle might be around.]

Subaru: [You…]

Abel’s inability to stop talking was met with a glare by Subaru, but the argument came to an impasse as the castle appeared within sight. ――In the front of the Crystal Palace, figures begin to sprang up.

Halibel: [These fellas must be elite, here to stop us from goin’ in. Seems like they’re real strong, so it’s gonna be tough…]

Subaru: [If the castle is well-defended, it must mean that something important is hidden there. Abel! Where should we aim for in the castle?]

Vincent: [Since the Stone is being utilized for the forbidden magic, the treasury where the core of Moguro Hagane, the nucleus of the Crystal Palace, is kept, or perhaps the underground cathedral where sacrifices are offered to anchor the Stone. There is also the dungeon next to the cathedral… no, disregard that.]

Subaru: [――――]

In the face of successive obstacles, the group’s readiness to rush in was heightened. In the midst of this, Abel’s retracted words made Subaru squint one of his eyes.

Abel’s brief mention of the Crystal Palace’s underground dungeon―― thinking of who might be chained there, Subaru sighed.

Remaining in the Imperial Capital, it was Priscilla whose whereabouts were unknown.

Her survival had been confirmed thanks to Schult, who could feel their connection, but even with Subaru’s repeated challenges, her presence had not been sighted in the Imperial Capital.

And Sphinx, whom they had just defeated, had attempted to get Abel to return to the castle in order to meet Priscilla.

Subaru: [I already know about your relationship with Priscilla. But even if you are worried about your sister, there’s no need to insist on it.]

Vincent: [Do you plan to seize the Empire’s weakness?]

Subaru: [Shut up, you siscon! Your sister might have the worst personality, but she’s also on my list of people I won’t let die, so I’m just saying we should save her while we’re at it!]

From the beginning, their encounters had never contained pleasant memories, as he had always been manipulated by Priscilla. However, her follower, Al, hailed from the same homeland as Subaru, and he himself had been helped by Priscilla on several occasions.

Also, sometimes he wanted to save Priscilla from a dire situation, just to see the look on her face when she would have to say words of gratitude.

Beatrice: [Knowing her, she’ll probably just say that you’re late or that you’ve done a great deed, in fact.]

Subaru: [I can already imagine it, but I want to confirm that for myself. Abel, that’s my policy,]

Vincent: [――. Do as you please.]

Somehow, thinking that the reply was somewhat like a rehearsal for Priscilla, who never thanked him, Subaru and all the others except Abel looked at each other and nodded.

For a moment, he was inclined to wait for Emilia and the others to catch up to them along with the former Emperor of Vollachia, whom Halibel had seen off.

Subaru: [There’s no missing the turning point while being so eager! Let’s go!]

Beatrice: [I suppose.]
Spica: [Uu!]
Halibel: [Guessin’ we’ll go with that.]
Vincent: [Do not fall behind.]

Subaru: [Come on!]


――For Viva the Dissector, this resurrected state of life was akin to a dream.

Individuals who had been revived as undead were abiding by the will of the caster for various reasons.

Many were reluctant to fight with the goal of destroying their homeland, and thus had been mostly stripped of their sense of self, accepting the instructions to direct their instinctive violent impulses towards the living.

On the other hand, there were also a certain number of individuals who, for the most part, were not under the influence of that mental manipulation.

For example, individuals who were likely to experience an extreme decline in ability under the influence of mental manipulation, would only receive minimal instructions so as not to disobey the caster’s will.

Viva, too, was one of the individuals who was only subject to minimal influence on his mind.

However, that was not because the caster wished to avoid a decline in Viva’s abilities. ――Viva had not even a sliver of a reason to disobey the caster’s will.

The bearer of the Great Disaster, who sought to bring ruin to the Vollachian Empire; did Viva’s lack of defiance against that perhaps mean that he harbored a hatred towards the Vollachian Empire?

Unfortunately, such a question could only be answered with a resounding “no”.

The aspect in which the intentions of Viva and the bearer of the Great Disaster coincided, was not concerning the survival of the Vollachian Empire. ――It was the investigation of the soul and of its true nature.

The reason why Viva came to be known as the “Dissector”, was because he did battle with many enemies as a warrior of the Vollachian Empire, and dismembered the bodies of his opponents into thousands, tens of thousands of pieces.

Only, the reason why Viva would dissect his opponents’ bodies to such an extreme extent, regardless of their survival, was not because he harbored any perverted interests. The pursuit of knowledge, that was his reason.

At the extremity of dissection, what Viva had truly wished to ascertain was not flesh and blood, but the soul.

The discrepancies between individual lives, the differences between strong and weak, the distinctions between male and female, just what exactly it was that individualized individuals; thirsting to know, Viva had dissected many a life.

Despite having done all that, Viva had failed to perceive the soul during his lifetime, not even achieving the result of laying his fingertips upon it. He had died in the midst of chagrin. That had been the life of Viva.

But, having been resurrected from death, Viva laid eyes upon what lay beyond his hopes, which ought to have already come to an end.

When he himself was revived by the power of the Witch, who was abusing the usage of souls, he gained a fragment of understanding of the soul, which he had failed to touch even a portion of during his lifetime. The Witch had given him the opportunity to turn that fragment of understanding into an even greater fragment.

Ergo, for Viva, this era was a miraculous one indeed.

Viva: [There are still many, many many, many many many many things, I wish to assess, got it?]

The Witch who had revived Viva, had also affirmed his insatiable curiosity.

In order to thoroughly investigate souls to his heart’s content, Viva had been granted the right to toy with lives in the palace, and was provided with an environment where he could delight with more test subjects than he could have ever hoped for when he was alive, undoubtedly allowing him to fully enjoy this time of splendor.

If it was for the sake of this curiosity, he did not care how many lives were lost.

Rather, the more people died, the more variety of resources he would have to use over and over to the fullest extent; thus, the more people he killed, the more Viva’s desires would be fulfilled.

For that purpose, there were still many a life he needed to take――,

???: [――Viva the Dissector.]

Viva: [――――]

???: [Both in life and in death, your deeds are unbearable to witness. Therefore, though I may know your name, I shan’t bestow upon you any choice save being scorched.]

A sword flashed red, and before he knew it, his field of vision was spinning through the air.

The moment Viva had realized that it was the result of his own head having been lopped off, was when he had caught sight of his own headless body within his revolving vision, and bore witness to it bursting up in flame.

It was not just his body that had been set alight; the same went for his lopped-off cranium.

It was a sense of being overwhelmed that was reminiscent of the young boy who had once killed him, but what was decisively different about this, was that the flame brought about by the treasured sword of crimson, also reached beyond the bounds of death.

Tasting the sensation of his soul being scorched, Viva experienced the greatest joy he had felt since having been resurrected.

Viva: [Ahh, I see it, I got it, the whereabouts of the soul――]

As his flesh, his life, and his very soul were aflame, Viva was satisfied by this conclusion.

Realizing that despite killing many, dissecting their bodies, and continuing to repeatedly toy with lives, the quickest way had always been to just experience it himself, and thus he had taken quite the detour, he laughed to himself.


 ――For the group that was to infiltrate the Crystal Palace, the battle was extremely fierce.

The dead stood blocking the path in a vast horde, refusing to allow entry to the living, and the bizarre forms of the inexhaustibly rising dead were so repulsive, the living would hesitate to take a step further.

They had previously crossed paths with an undead called the Giant Eye Izmail, which had been wandering the Imperial Capital in a state that was far removed from its original form, and the taste of this situation was close to that.

If there was a difference it would be that, unlike Izmail, whose body had been transformed chaotically under the sole influence of an impulse to destroy, there was a concept behind the deformities of these dead.

More aggressive, more radical, and more unorthodox, they were like clay kneaded as one’s curiosity commanded.

However, rather than mere clay, one had kneaded life itself. Furthermore, one had the knowledge and sense required to manifest their curiosity to its fullest extent.

And for that――,

???: [Viva the Dissector.]

When Abel called out a name, it was a sign that the preparations for Spica’s Star Eating were in order.

Thus, those who could be defeated by Star Eating should be defeated by Star Eating. This was the unspoken agreement, as Subaru was well aware.

Viva: [――――]

Despite this, Abel had skillfully cut off the head of the person he had named with the Yang Sword.

Naturally, the merciless power of the Yang Sword would set the soul of his opponent ablaze. ――To what extent they would suffer was something that Subaru did not know, having never experienced his soul being burned.

However, the fact that he used the Yang Sword to cut down an opponent who could have been defeated without causing them to suffer was a clear indication of Abel’s anger towards the other person.

???: [Scary scary. But, I can relate ta what Emperor-san’s feelin’.]

Commenting on Abel’s sword strike, which could have been described as an execution, Halibel opened his thin thread-like eyes slightly as he slid through the enemies, his golden pupils seemingly gliding in the air.

Standing in the way of the slickly moving Halibel were the deformed undead, whose bodies seemed to have been modeled after creatures with long arms and legs, but they proved to be no match for Kararagi’s strongest.

Their elongated arms and legs were mercilessly broken, and all ten or so bodies were buried up to their waists in the ground that had become soft as if it had melted, rendering them unable to move.

It seemed like something similar to the Earth Release jutsu, and how it differed from magic was not clear.


Halibel: [Don’t push yerself too hard.]

Halibel: [They’ve changed to lookin’ nothin’ like they used ta, I doubt their names are still recognizable.]

Halibel: [Even if that ain’t the case, I don’t like makin’ kids do the fightin’ anyway.]

And then, the number of Halibels had simultaneously increased by three more, each with the same capabilities as the original, in what was an outstanding feat.

Although it was known that he could use the Clone jutsu, being performed up close only further emphasized how broken of a skill it was. The Clone jutsu by itself was already plenty powerful, but that one amongst the strongest in existence was able to do so was terrifying.

Beatrice: [Truly thankful we are on the same side, in fact.]

Beatrice, having stopped an approaching undead with a purple arrow that had been shot from her outstretched hand, had the same thoughts as Subaru regarding Halibel.

As Halibel had stated, against such undead opponents distorted to the extent of becoming far removed from their original form, Spica had been unable to land an effective blow.

Spica: [Uu!]

Subaru: [It’s frustrating, I know. But, don’t hurry, don’t haste, and don’t panic. I’d rather reduce their numbers here than be surrounded after entering that cramped castle.]

While trying to calm the groaning Spica, Subaru kept his eyes focused on the undead considered to have been deformed.

As Beatrice and Halibel held the enemy back, those Abel could name were defeated with Star Eating, and the remaining were defeated with the Yang Sword, such was the battle being waged to reduce their number.

It could be said that, although their appearance had been distorted, the fact that they were not being spawned incessantly one after the other in a systematic manner was something fortunate.

On the other hand, it would mean that, after being resurrected as undead, they had by some means been manually altered into that form, a proposition that did not change the heaviness within his chest by much.

Subaru: [But still, the fact that we can release them from that state by defeating them just once is a…]

That moment, Subaru had been about to say “relief”.

Beatrice: [――Subaru!!]

Subaru: [――Hk.]

Beatrice’s altered expression and tone of voice caused Subaru to stiffen.

Beatrice’s round eyes were wide open, and the reason for her reaction, had also become known to Subaru. For the anomaly taking place, it was just that obvious.

Spica: [Uuau!]

Spica, who had also noticed that anomaly, the very cause of their astonishment―― exclaimed as she pointed at the Crystal Palace that had begun to glow, slowly painting the entire landscape in a pale, white radiance.

The castle was clothed in a brilliant luminance; however, the situation was not one where its beauty could be admired.

The fact that the Crystal Palace was glowing meant that――,

Vincent: [――The Magic Crystal Cannon has been activated!]

While cleaving through the bodies of two undead, one before him and the other behind, with a swift spin, Abel, upon sighting the radiance of the Crystal Palace, had loudly proclaimed thus.

The Magic Crystal Cannon―― as mentioned previously, it was a weapon with an anti-army level of power that could be unleashed utilizing the energy stored within the magic crystals embedded throughout the Crystal Palace.

Upon seeing the light that foretold its discharge, Subaru gasped.

Subaru: [Are we the target!?]

Vincent: [No! Mowing down the ground beneath the castle with the Magic Crystal Cannon would be an act far too careless, even if they are undead who can be revived endlessly!]

Subaru: [――――]

Hearing Abel’s cry, Subaru’s thoughts began to heat up and accelerate.

Abel’s conjecture that the target was not themselves was not a relief, but rather it was unfavorable. If the target had been Subaru and those with him, even if they were wiped out, the situation would have been easier to deal with.

What was irreversible for Subaru, was the deaths of his allies somewhere beyond his reach.

He had not yet experienced a case where the Magic Crystal Cannon had been fired.

And now that they had come to a point where Sphinx had been defeated, to have it fired prior to reuniting with his allies could not be allowed.

The Magic Crystal Cannon needed to be stopped. However, it was already too late.

The light was undoubtedly the pre-fire charge, yet none of the prerequisites for putting a stop to it had been cleared. Not good. Not good not good not good not good not good.

Letting it fire would be――.

Beatrice: [――Stopping it from firing is impossible, I suppose.]

Subaru: [――――]

Beatrice said so to Subaru, whose thoughts were spinning fiercely.

Blinking his eyes, Subaru looked at Beatrice. Then, Beatrice, who had just said that it would be impossible, looked back at Subaru with eyes that, contrary to what had been said, had not lost even a sliver of their vigor.

For his partner, the most adorable and reliable partner in the world, Subaru forced his cheeks into a smile,

Subaru: [Beako, wanna do something reckless?]

Beatrice: [Good grief, Subaru can’t do anything without Betty, in fact.]

Subaru: [Yeah, that’s true.]

Saying this, he tightened his grip to make sure that her hand, presently almost the same size as his own, was still in place.


Swinging, the treasured sword of crimson traced the ground, and the square in front of the Crystal Palace burst into flames.

Raging like beasts, the scarlet flames blocked the path of those who had transcended the boundary between life and death, preventing them from advancing further and allowing none of them to interfere.

Vincent: [To leave the Emperor by himself at the front line. ――You blasphemers.]

Abandoning such curses behind, a shadow fiercely retreated from the Crystal Palace as it grew more radiant.

What had appeared from a distance to be nothing more than a black shadow passing by was the earnest sprint of a jet-black furred wolfman, renowned as one of the strongest in the world.

And, once the running wolfman had gained sufficient acceleration through his sprinting――,

???: [Then, let all yer strength out――!]

As the straight and fiercely running Halibel kicked off the ground, another Halibel awaited up ahead, and using his folded hands as a foothold, he forcefully flung his body into the air.

Like an arrow, akin to a bullet, Halibel had leapt upward, but that was not the end.

Subsequently, two Halibels having jumped from the buildings on either side had caught up to him, each aligning one of their feet with the soles of the first Halibel, who had been tracing a parabolic path,

Halibel: [‘N more still!]

Halibel: [If I don’t go all out, I’d get a scoldin’ from lil’ Ana.]

The kicks from the second and third Halibels propelled the first Halibel even higher into the skies.

Drastically and rapidly, Halibel soared diagonally, and just as the momentum reached its highest point, he adjusted his posture mid-air,

Halibel: [I can only earn ’til this point. Ya thinkin’ ya can manage?]

Subaru: [――Yeah, that helped a lot!]

Halibel, who had been carrying Subaru and the other two with him, cleared his throat at that reply. Then, having arched his back as far as he could, he flung Subaru and the others from that position.

Utilizing the Clone jutsu, the cooperative play of the four Halibels had gained both distance and altitude all at once, and Subaru, with Beatrice and Spica in the firm embrace of both his hands, had been sent flying.

Having gained sufficient altitude in that manner, Subaru, despite his whole body being buffeted by fierce winds, still opened his eyelids to look at the Crystal Palace, which was now far off in the distance.

He closely observed the Crystal Palace, which was increasing its white light to the utmost limit, to determine the direction towards which the Magic Crystal Cannon had been aimed――,

Subaru: [――Spica!]

Spica: [Uau!!]

He tilted his head in the direction the Magic Crystal Cannon was aimed, and in the next moment, Spica’s teleport was activated.

With that, Spica teleported with Subaru and Beatrice―― repeatedly over and over again, swiftly closing the distance to the trajectory of the Magic Crystal Cannon,

Spica: [Eao!]

Beatrice: [Geez! Betty said no more, in fact! ――Murak!]

In response to the strain evident in Spica’s voice, Beatrice activated Yin Magic that lightened Subaru and the others.

With Subaru and Beatrice now lightened to the utmost, Spica twisted her body in mid-air, and gave them a kick with all of her might as a final push.

Out of the corner of his eye, Subaru held Beatrice’s hand tightly as Spica spun around and away from him,

Subaru: [Abel, Halibel-san, Spica…!]

Having called out the names of his companions who had worked together to bring Subaru and Beatrice this far, Subaru clenched his teeth and opened his eyes wide.

In the next moment, as the light of the Crystal Palace flashed with exceptional strength――,

Subaru: [Beako, I love you!]

Beatrice: [That goes without saying, I suppose.]

Holding each other tightly, Subaru and Beatrice turned to face the light.

And then――,

Beatrice: [――Al Shamak.]

The light from the Magic Crystal Cannon was swallowed by a massively large void that had appeared in the sky.

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