Arc 6 – Chapter 67, “Little King”

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This chapter is currently under re-translation to improve its quality; make sure to keep track of our releases on our social media!

26 thoughts on “Arc 6 – Chapter 67, “Little King””

  1. Whoaa so Subaru can do party buff skill from Cor Leonis now, so amazing~ and that bit at the end, whats that mean? Does the gigantic scorpion true identity is Shaula or something??
    Ohh and thank you for the amazing chapter guys!!

    1. Sounds more like a reverse curse than a “buff”. From the damage he took for Ram, he will almost certainly die if he took a fatal hit for her. Though it’s kind of interesting how he perceives Cor Leonis’ effects something positive while he considers something like RBD a negative in the short term. Perhaps this is just the author’s way of symbolizing his growth as a character up until this point. While his former forgotten self once stated at point that he isn’t a masochist, the current self is clearly demonstrating that contradiction. It seems his current self is willing to become one for the sake of protecting the people he cares about around him. With this new double-edged sword ability from Cor Leonis, perhaps he will stop regretting the effects of RBD to the point of unhealthy self-deprecation. My hope is, he will start using it as a way to use RBD without regret, instead of uselessly offing himself if something goes wrong.

      Yes, the scorpion is without a doubt, Shaula.

      1) Both shoot beams of light as an attack which leave behind a tiny needle momentarily before disappearing.
      2) She has stated she would turn into a “killing machine” the moment a rule has been broken during the Trial. We have yet to witness what that means in Suburu’s eyes. However, every time the scorpion has shown up, Shaula has never been visibly present.
      3) Suburu’s new “sensing” ability for the ones he cared about went out of sync the moment it appeared. Considering the last loop when that happened, things started going wrong for his allies.

      Since Suburu shouted at the direction where Shaula was with such negative emotions, we can assume he has concluded the source of how the scorpion appears.

      1. Though there is evidence that shaula is the skorpion, why would she attack Subaru? She stated that she would only care if surabu dies but she still attacked him in the last loop.

      2. he overcome the sin of greed and gain power to help others rather that power for himself to collect something (which is greed itself) basically changing the authority into something else, less dangerous

    2. *Forgot to mention another quirky tidbit about Cor Leonis. The first person Subaru uses it on is Ram, always calls him “Barusu”. I’ve read somewhere that, apparently, it’s her way of turning his name into a “reverse curse”.

    1. My understanding is that the one(s) that are translating the most recent arc 6 chapters will be redoing/retouching their previous work for arc 6 while they wait for a new chapter. The arc 5 translator(s) will continue as usual. There’s also one person who is translating the yet-untranslated arc 6 chapters, although he seems to have a lot of miscellaneous projects on his plate as well.

      1. Quite close to how it is, yeah. Essentially I (Ice, not Ringo) am working through re-translating some of my old work to try improve the quality of it since it isn’t really up to scratch – those chapters are marked by a Disclaimer. Some of our members are working on eventually bridging Arc 6 (with some side stories in between), and Nana (Discount) will be working on Arc 5 with weekly releases.

      2. Hey Hey, Graced speaking here!

        Yes, I’ll be filling the gaps within Arc 6, which might take a while. I’ll start filling the gaps between 54-61 first. After that, I’ll do all the others gaps.
        Please, stay tuned!

        > although he seems to have a lot of miscellaneous projects on his plate as well.

        As a matter of fact, I do. I’m working on quite a bit right now, but I’m sure the results will be amazing.

    1. nope, he did overcome the sin of greed so this power was an authority and now is something different from it. it does strain him phisically but not wounds his humanity like an authority do

  2. We’re still stuck at Arc5. Seriously, wtf did you guys accomplish by working ahead to make Arc6 without even completing Arc5. We want to read sequentially not haphazardly. Now those who read this may miss some plot of Arc5 which might be important to understand this Arc’s plot. Wouldn’t it be better if you had someone translating a few chapters and someone else translating other chapters. This team lacks coordination and planning, seriously.

    1. I’ve updated the Table of COntents, check it now! There’s no translations of Chapter 15-17 and 19-27 so far, but we may slowly work on that.

      1. Thank you for the update!
        Aside from 19-27 I hope you can also do some justice to 55, since it is part of the relative important chapters 53-56.
        Then again, please do keep things at your own pace. I already appreciate it you guys are translating this free webnovel for those of us lacking a general knowledge of Japanese 🙂

  3. Hi, this may be a weird place to reach out about this, but does anyone know if Tappei will be continuing the web novel? I am quite confused with whether he will continue that or if he will stop the web novel and have the light novel continue on. If it does turn out to be like that, is there any way there will be translations of the light novels anywhere online where I will be able to read them?

    1. It is difficult to know because now is working on the anime of the 2nd season, according to what I was the last time (with season 1) was about 1 year, and now being with the 2nd ova and the 2nd season at the same time we can only hope that by 2020 and are again, another thing that could happen is that the light novel reaches the web novel then most likely is that tappei leaves the Web novel and is dedicated exclusively to the novel, which would be a hard blow for us because translating the novel is illegal also that getting them costs a lot of money to get them costs a lot of money, which would be a hard blow for us because translating the novel is illegal in addition to get them costs a lot of money:c

  4. So that is how Subaru partially saved Crusch — he is “healer”. Now i wonder what gonna happen if he activates that EMP or whatever (invulnurable) + casts Car Leonis rightaway. Cheatsu?

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