The Future of Witch Cult Translations

As some have noticed, our pace with Arc Seven has currently dropped a bit since the Arc came out. This has come due to a variety of reasons, including less availability among our translators, a hit to our motivation due to the rampant influx of Machine Translations, and a general shortage in talented J-E translators available. We started off as a small group of people who were originally seeking to fill the gap between the lack of translations in the series, while improving our Japanese, in 2018. For over 3 years and a half, we’ve endeavoured to bring Re: Zero content as accurately, and speedily as possible, among our team of volunteers. The site has grown a lot since then, and became the most prominent one known among readers of the series. Though as we have grown, our translation quality has vastly improved, we have not been able to keep up the release speeds we would ideally like, as of course, given we are volunteers, real life comes first.

So what is the announcement for? We are absolutely NOT closing our doors, however we would like to gauge our reader’s opinions towards our next steps going forward. We are considering doing hybrid releases for Arc Seven, where the recent-most chapters would be edited Machine Translations so those wishing to read Nagatsuki-sensei’s latest releases as quickly as possible still can. With a time frame of around 48 hours needed for the edited Machine Translation release per chapter. This would of course, sacrifice quality. Our plan would be to still do human, high-quality translations for the Arc Seven chapters, at our current pace, and the hybrid system would run concurrently to our current one. Any translations that would be produced via Machine Translation would be clearly marked on the website.

However, as said before, we need your views on this. We want to know, would this be something you, as readers, would desire? Or would you rather we completely remained focused on quality? We welcome all opinions on this matter, and encourage you to post in the comments on our social media, Discord Server or Website. We will try to engage with everyone about this decision, before making any plans forward.

TL;DR – Should we use hybrid machine translations for speedier translations at some loss of quality, or stay with the current high-quality, human-translation format?

Note: we are still recruiting available JLPT N2 (to your ability’s estimate) or above J-E translators. Leave your contact details here if you are interested.

124 thoughts on “The Future of Witch Cult Translations”

  1. Absolutely do not use mtl. Ruins the entire narrative. Nuance within the text will definitely be lost. Translators can always be recruited. Re:zero has that ability as a large series.

  2. Honestly I’m waiting for the whole of arc 7 to be out and then binge read it, so I’ll probably only care about the speed of translation once the whole thing is out, until then, definitely prefer quality

  3. If the machine translation is formated the same away as the high quality Translation are, for me is totally fine do this way.

    With the site layout and some revision would be really nice.

  4. Quality over speed. Let others dabble in MTL for the chapters, the core reader base of WCT will happily wait for quality TLs of arc 7

  5. The whole reason people keep coming back to this website is for the quality human translations. If I wanted a grammatically correct MTL I could do that myself.

    Quality over speed.

  6. The whole reason people keep coming back to this website is for the quality human translations. If I wanted a grammatically correct MTL I could do that myself.

    Quality over speed.

  7. If possible, could we see an example of “edited Machine Translations”, as if it’s significantly better than the base machine translation it might be nice if it doesn’t take too much away from the full human translation, but if there’s not much of a difference, then definetly just stick to full human translation

    1. We could see about this, though trialling it would be difficult without having agreements with people put in place first.

  8. I can find machine translations on other websites. I’d hate to see anyone sacrifice any of their valuable time working on editing Machine Translations instead of WCT’s amazingly high quality translations.

    I’m sure things are stressful for you folks. Keep up the great work and know we all appreciate everything you do.

    1. We would try to aim for a completely hybrid system, if at all possible. Meaning both edited MTLs and human translations were done, with the former clearly marked.

  9. Quality is why I’m here. If I want a quick translation, I’d just copy-paste it into Google. Even if you’re lagging behind published chapters, that’s just fine, ain’t it? You’re volunteers, and deeply appreciated by the community. Focus on the quality, and don’t worry about not keeping up. With translations, quality will always be valued over speed

    1. What we worry about is that we could be lagging behind pretty severely due to the lack of J-E translators. Would you be willing to wait, say, 1.5 months per chapter?

      1. I waited 10 years or so for Hunter X Hunter and it came back better than ever, so I honestly wouldn’t mind 1.5 month per chapter, also I thought I saw it before but do you guys have a patreon or cashapp I can send money too I love you guys for all your hard work and even though I’m not rich I’d love to be able to give back for all that you guys do.

  10. I’m on team Hybrid cause I’m the type of reader who’s just in it for the story. I’m already okay with reading the MTL but it would be really great to have a hybrid translation since one of the reason MTL sucks is cause of grammar.

    Also I’ve already read to chapter 41 of arc 7 with MTL and currently there’s only 20 chapter released on this site, so based on the current time frame of chapter releases which is around 1-2 months means i saved around 21-42 months.

    But, if i were told that a better quality hybrid chapter was to come out within less than a month. I would honestly wait for the hybrid version.

    1. Same here. I know I may sound like a heretic, but as a reader I don’t mind losing a bit of quality for faster releases. I don’t really care about the cultural references or the perfect translations as long as the story is not changed

      1. We recognise the growing demand for it, so don’t worry. The idea would be to have both edited MTLs and our human translations, if possible.

  11. I think both are good, its not as if the quality translations are going away, its just that now we are going to have MTL available and then the quality translations, so for those who are already reading MTL, this is just a positive change.

  12. Already posted over on Discord, but I also would say Quality over Quantity.

    MTL’s already exist elsewhere, at most you should contact them and request to link to them as options.

    If they refuse simply mention they exist in author note’s and otherwise, continue to focus on Quality over Quantity.

    WC is the most trusted source for a good reason after all, above even YenPress in my opinion.

  13. I think Quality over speed is better overall personally, but if what is making you burnt out is the effort it takes to make a high quality translation then I think it would be better to sticky to easier and faster translations, either way I’ll still stick to using this site and group to read re:zero no matter the quality.

  14. Im fine with the current human only translations. I love the work you all do! Please dont be discoraged with all the MT going around, the quality isnt that great and WCT is always better IMO.

  15. They do say that compromises make everyone unhappy but I feel like this is a rare exeption.
    By adding MTL to the mix, those who’d like to read new chapters quickly would be able to do so, and those who wouldn’t want to sacrifice quality would still get their translations eventually. The latter presumably have the patience to wait a little bit longer anyway.
    I’m all for the new machine assistants!

    1. That would be our ideal plan, so people can chose which one to read, while trying to keep as much of our original manpower on human TLs.

  16. Personally, i want a good quality translation without taking too much time (yes, i’m selfish, i know).
    But if it’s too heavy, then i prefer this one: “hybrid machine translations for speedier translations”.
    But, if the avid reader want quality, i’m okay with it.

    (didn’t realize that re:zero arc 7 was already in chapter 42. guess i’m sticking too much with wct’s releases)

  17. I prefer quality over speed, but if those MTL chapters aren’t much of a hassle to put out, then it would be great for the readers who want to get to new content faster. Honestly, I’d probably read those chapters as well if it’s hard to stop due to the plot, but I’d definitely reread their manually translated versions.

  18. “Haste is the enemy of perfection”. As a great saying goes, I’ve always been a person who values quality, and I think that’s why this site has your great respect, for being a reliable translation site, so I don’t think changing to a “fast translation and not the same quality as before” is a good option.

  19. I’m a patient guy. I don’t mind waiting for high quality human translations. It’s not like this is an urgent matter or anything. I appreciate your work!

  20. I might not read the good translation until I’ve got a fair few chapters saved up but it’s definitely the reason I recommend you guys to all the new Re:Zero fans I encounter

  21. Had to come here from Twitter just to make sure WTC knows about each community member behind the support for their personal translations, no matter how long they may take. Personally I’m always afraid of the bystander effect, as I’d assume it’s common sense that everyone that reads Re: Zero would sooner choose to wait endlessly for a handmade translation crafted with passion and interest, but you never know what people will assume so wanted to add my own words to the pile. I think WTC has been a big proponent in the online Re: Zero community with how much it offers to everyone, *for free* out of the kindness of their hearts and the passion they have for the content. Without your dedicated work on the translations of this series it wouldn’t be where it is right now. If WTC as a team believes that MTLs will lighten your load and take off stress and allow you to put out the best translations possible then I have nothing to argue, but if it’s at all possible to keep MTLs out of it and just focus on your quality no matter how long it takes I’d believe that to be the best choice. I think I speak for a good few readers when I say, please take as much time as you need. As much as reading is the enjoyment of the reader, the same goes for the ones that bring the content to them. The enjoyment and passion of the translators is just as important to me as the enjoyment of reading Re: Zero. WTC isn’t doing this for money or popularity or anything vain. WTC is first and foremost a community, and to me that means you should be putting yourself first. Whatever decision is made here I will fully support, but I hope it’s one that keeps WTC happiest and as involved with this series as possible.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.

      We are currently leaning towards an implementation of a hybrid system thanks to a merger with a MTL group in the works, that would mean we could keep our core WCT working on human translated quality chapters, while also providing speed, with the two divisions working practically independently. Do you think that could perhaps be the best comrpomise for everyone?

      1. I think that would keep the most stress off of WTC as human translators, yes. What it says for the community and industry going forward is a bit foreboding, but at the end of the day your sanity and personal time can only take you so far. Everyone wants to see WTC flourish, whether that’s because they rely on you for reading Re: Zero or appreciate what you do as a group. Those hopes though can sometimes be selfish and an effect of instant gratification, as some want to read the most recent chapters as soon as possible no matter the cost or quality. I don’t believe that to be the correct course personally, but I’m not a translator putting countless hours into each chapter only to be berated about when the next one will come out. From a purely objective standpoint though, having an MTL team work jointly with WTC will preserve the best of both worlds, stress is removed from the shoulders of human translators and the people desperate for the latest chapters can have them sooner. If the goal is pleasing the largest amount of the community possible I think that the hybrid option would most likely be best, though I’d think having MTL and human translations separated to different directories would also be a good thought, but I don’t know how far along you are in MTL discussions yet.

  22. I will only read quality over speed, over many year’s I have read some MTL, and I hate it because it loose the atmosphere of the story. Re:Zero is my favorite story for many reason, and even missing the joke of a character or simply loose the way of talking of one would give me a sense of missing out. You guys are great peoples.

    That said, if you are worried that some others groups of translation get ahead of you may it be in popularity or release speed. IF this is important to you, then you already have the answer and their is nothing wrong with wanting to be at the top.

    Thanks you guys for you works, I wish you a happy new year.

    1. We completely understand, in our designed system, we would be able to offer both ideally, and they would be clearly marked.

  23. I personally prefer quality over speed and am happy at the 1 chapter every one and a half months (I read it somewhere in the comments by an admin)

    BUT, I can also see that some people might be more interested in faster chapters without much care for the better quality that WCT provides

    So the hybrid system seems ideal, where the machine translations are released first and then the human translators translate it at their own pace

    Also, WCT J-E translators, you guys are doing a great job, machine translations cant even compare to what you guys do! Love y’all!!

    1. We’re grateful for your support and feedback! Our aim would be to set up things independantly as possible to allow our core to still 100% dedicate ourselves to HUman TLs.

      1. This is a good idea. If this does not lead to a decrease in quality or a slowdown in the production of high-quality translations, I have nothing against. To involve two different divisions is a very good idea and it is really a significant detail as I believe. But personally, I am among those people who prefer to wait several years to enjoy a really good translation than to read hybrid translation. In any case, thank you very much guys for your amazing job.

  24. Have a seperate section for edited and reviewed machine translations, which is released within two days.

    Those who want quality translation can always wait. I would always come back to read those too.

  25. I vastly prefer quality to speed. I’d actually prefer if MTL was kept separate from WTC as I see this place as a beacon of quality in the sea of machine translations and would prefer it remained that way without being “tarnished” by machine translations. This does sound kinda elitist I’ll admit but those are my honest feelings. Anyways keep up the good work and by God please don’t feel pressured to release chapters faster, just go at your own pace as always.

    1. What if all the edited MTLs were clearly marked as such on the Website? They would have their separate category for posting, and navigation.

  26. This is a tough one. On one hand releases within 48 h sound very tempting. And if you are doing the editing of the machine translation I know at least it was done properly compared to some other MTLs out in the wild. On the other hand this would probably take a way resources and motivation from the main translation. Personally I would prefer to also get the hybrid translations from you but ultimately it should be up to you since I don’t think its worth it if it takes away from your enjoyment and motivation for this project.

  27. I think doing both the mtl release for speed and high quality translations is the best option. That way the people who dont mind quality can read the series earlier and eventually there will be high quality releases for those that are willing to wait.

  28. You guys are deeply appreciated, don’t mind the time frame and enjoy the process while learning more japanese as intended. Quality over Speed, live before death Radiants!

  29. You guys are deeply appreciated, don’t mind the time frame and enjoy the process while learning more japanese as intended. Quality over Speed, live before death Radiants!

  30. Do whichever option makes you guys happier.

    I understand people wanting to keep strictly to the quality, especially after some fumbles by official releases, and you guys deliver on that when you release. At the same time, the fact that you guys are presenting this as an option means that you probably thought about this on your own for a while.

    This is a passion project, and I’ve seen others like it fizzle out because the frustration or burn out exceeded the joy you get from working on it. If you think having edited mtl’s helps you guys keep going, then do it. If you think it’ll kill motivation, then you’ll have support from the community for keeping to pure tl style.

    I think it’s great that you guys are not only taking the time to work on translating, but that you’re looking to the community you’ve gathered on potential changes and getting feedback. In the end though, my wish is for you guys to do what you feel you need to for as long as you want to carry on. I’ll come back regardless of your choice.

    1. Thank you for the feedback! Currently our direction is looking like we will incorporate an existing MTL Group into ours, check their work, and release it while still keeping the core of our J-E translators to work on our high quality releases. Such work would be marked clearly on our site, so people can chose between quality and speed.

  31. Quality over speed for sure, i love this site because of how much effort you guys put into your translations. properly translating one language to another and having it make sense is no easy feat. i once attempted to translate a chapter of something and spent weeks on it, only to find that the final product was completely wrong after looking at a professional translator’s work. the work you all put into this site is beyond amazing! please continue to bestow upon us your wonderful translations, regardless of how long they take.

  32. It’s up to you really – I used you to read all of Arc 5 and 6, and start of Arc 7 but with discord/twitter chatter literally starting up within hours of a new chapter release and YouTube summaries being released same days, I’ve turned to machine TL for whole of Arc 7 as I’ll get spoiled otherwise. Is the extra traffic worth the extra work for you? Especially as you will effectively have to redo the translation later down the line? Personally choice there

  33. Just do what you guys want to do. I get that you want to try to please everybody, but that isn’t realistic regardless of what you decide to do. The majority of people are going to be satisfied whether you add these translations or not.

  34. imo, adding work to the current team is not a good idea, I’m perfectly fine with waiting for your good translations.

    Other than that, I would not object to WCT publishing MTL done by other people, it might even bring a little more fans right here.

    As always, thank you for you hard work bringing this story to us!

  35. Translators are losing motivation because people are reading machine translations… and you propose MORE machine translations?

    Even worse, the previous machine translations that I didn’t even know existed where hosted wherever and had their own niche following, but now you want to bring them in direct competition to real translations by hosting them on the same site?

    It doesn’t add up.

    1. I don’t want to say shit, but I can’t see why the machine translations and the quality ones will compete; they serve different purposes, and different people read them.

      Where’s the downside in merging with an MTL group, like Heretics, for example? The “elitism”? WCT would just become a place different kinds of fans would visit to enjoy Re:Zero.

      Why would anybody object to that?

      1. The plan currently would be to merge Heretics to be our MTL branch, on our site, while giving their work a check, while still keeping the core of our translators working on our slower, high quality releases.

      2. “a hit to our motivation due to the rampant influx of Machine Translations”
        It seems clear as day that they compete from this line alone.

        1. Hmm, I suppose that’s true. But what I meant is that no matter what happens, everyone’ll still have their preferred translation quality, and if nothing is done, than people who wish to see releases quicker would slowly leave the site regardless; that too would be a big hit to the morale.

          I think making people know about the existance of MTL and having them choose what they like more is a good idea, so bringing them here in improved quality is better imo.

  36. if you put machine translations here it may act like a crutch, in the sense that since there is already a machine version some translators could feels less motivated to translate, or would subconsciously slow down the translations even more, i think its better to keep only the high quality ones here

      1. To be perfectly honest: i would like them to be a little faster, but i understand that sometimes it’s not possible due to the chapter being too long or not enough staff available to translate at times.
        What i am completely satisfied is the quality of the translations, for that i have no complaints at all

  37. The hybrid system is a great idea in my opionion. I really like the formatting of your website and honestly, am mostly in it for the story and don’t mind a few grammar mistakes the MT would lead to. I feel like this is the best idea, because, if somebody believes the MT is insuffieiently accurate in its language or grammar, they can always reread the chapters at a later date, and you can take your time translating without stressing yourself out too much. That is, if putting out the MT is not too much work, because that might lead to the exact opposite of what you want to achieve, but, as long as it is not, I like the idea.

  38. feels like most people are deciding that its one or the other, which if it was then do quality over speed 100%, but they’re saying they’re gonna be able to do both which is a win-win. why wouldn’t you want the option for both so everyone is happy? i dont think having the mtl translations will slow the speed of the human translations. plus, for those who say mtl is available elsewhere, something tells me wcc will post even more high quality mtl than even those.

  39. I want my Re:Zero experience to be closest to the original author intended, and for that quality I can wait as long as possible. In fact I’m still waiting for Arc 6 Chapter 89 😉

      1. Eminent doesn’t have the Names for characters, and it makes it hard to follow who is the one talking when not explicitly stated.

  40. After reading most of these posts and the admins responses, it seems like the plan going forward is to having two separate teams working independently, one on improving the MTL, and one doing the high quality human translation with the same passion that they always have. This would give both types of readers what they want: those who just want the quickest release possible regardless of quality to get what they want, and those who would wait for the highest quality that only WCT can offer. It seems like WCT will clearly mark whether the chapter is MTL or WCTL, so there will be no confusion as to where the quality translation is. I do not think that having these edited MTL on the WCT site diminishes at all from the sites reputation. In fact, it would improve its reputation imo because it will have both the quickest releases and the highest quality releases all in one spot. I dont know of any other site that can say that. As far as my preference, I have been sticking with the high quality WCT translations and have not read a single MTL. I am willing to wait for the highest quality translation, but I know that some people are not willing to wait, so giving them the improved MTL and still having the human translation release a little (or a lot) bit later is a solution that appeases both sides. Ultimately, do whatever you guys feel is best for the WCT team and the Re:Zero community. We will continue to support you no matter what you decide to do.

  41. Thanks for your lovely translations, I’m happy with anything, you have done a incredible job, please choose what makes you the happiest. Peace.

  42. I get extremely frustrated trying to read bad translations or MTLs, for over 2 years I’ve tried to get used to it so I can read promising looking novels but i always end up quiting halfway through the first chapter xD. Waiting a month for you guys to do things right is no issue. It’s just like waiting for monthly manga releases. Even if you guys do the hybrid releases, I’d probably still wait for the human translations. If you guys stop translating altogether idk wat I would do xD

  43. Absolutely keep up the good work. I do tend to read the MTL’s when they are released because I can’t wait, but when you guys release a chapter I always end up re-reading it to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

    Quality over quantity!

  44. As a translator myself (Neither Japanese or English though), I see nothing inherently wrong in using the MT.

    Many might not know this but translation itself takes little time for a bilingual person. Converting text into a more literatully pleasant state and proofreading is most time consuming. MT speeds up things a bit without losing the translation quality, given that translator can understand the original text.

    Lack of motivation is real thing, no one would like spend time doing thing that isnt paid well. You should not stress your motivation, without it we will get 0 translations lol

    Rather than dividing into two teams, you should combine your effort.
    Team 1 runs MT and then corrects it.
    Team 2 adjusts the translation for English auditory and proofreads it.

  45. As someone who hasn’t had a good time reading arc 7 that much due to mtl , I want faster high quality translations. sorry I’m being greedy I fully understand how stressful what you are doing is .
    I read the entire arc 5 , 6 on wct and that’s probably the reason why I liked them so much. But I read the mtl of ac 7 and I didn’t like it much .
    The problem with me is that I don’t like waiting for something I like and if I have to wait for long , I lose interest in the series although I don’t see myself losing interest in re zero
    so what I’m suggesting is you guys should do hybrid translations which are of higher quality than others even if you are taking more than 48 hours of a new chapter release we’re ready to wait for at least that long

  46. i think it would be nice to have a machine translation to have a rough idea of the new chapters, but of course when you’ll have a good translation substitute it.

  47. This is going to be a bad take, but… Why not both? Use MTL to speed up the bulk of it, and then slow nuance afterward with only the translators? Many chapters have been revised in the past, so doing an ‘Arc X Chapter XX (MTL)’ would show that it’s not super high quality, and let people know that they can read this now, but it’s being worked on and being cleaned up. This would literally be a situation of having your cake and eating it since you could have the chapters out quickly, and then do them up properly so that you can have the quality you prefer.

  48. I am fine with you using the hybrid system. There is a alot of content to go through and you don’t need to kill yourselfs for us to get complete human done content. After you get it all caught up and you want to do revisions, we’ll its your website and you guys do an amazing job running it.

  49. For me personally I treat WCT as the peak translations, yeah they’re slow but it’s because they’re the best, what I do personally is this, when a chapter comes out I’ll google translate it or Forbidden Library it, it’s very rough so I miss a lot of the plot, then I’ll read Icy’s summaries to make sure I didn’t miss anything big, a few days later I’ll read Heratic Translations to get a full experience of the chapter, and then I’ll Re:Read the arc from WCT after every batch to get the best version of it, you can’t be the best quality and quantity without a gargantuan staff so don’t try to compete, focus on your niche of the highest quality translations, because when new people will read first here

  50. as long as i’ll beable to continue using my wiiu to read i’m fine with whatever
    however i do think the best way to do this is machine translations then human translate and replace the machine ones as time goes on

  51. However i think that some of us (me included) would like to see a hybrid translation first and only then judge whether we want it or not.

  52. I’d personally have no problem with hybrid , but I don’t mind mind whatever you guys do

    Awesome site, good work, I hope you have backups

  53. I don’t really see the downside to a hybrid system; I remember people often asking that taken down LQ chapters be made readable again, so clearly there is a portion of the reader base that cares more about speed. If this lessens the stress from lagging behind then go for it. Thanks for all that you guys do, hope the hybrid system goes well!

  54. I would like the hybrid method. I think if you guys edit the machine translations they wont be as rough as others and it would give you time to refine the better translations.

    I know others are saying its fine to wait but honestly as you suspect, it really isn’t, we could be dead and gone before having a chance to read and imo that would be sad. I love your work and just want to really say thanks for everything you’ve done so far.

  55. If the decision is a drop in quality for increased speed, I absolutely think that quality should be focused on. However, if we’re talking about a drop in the speed of quality translations, to make room for some lower effort, faster mtl, I would prefer that. I like feeling up to date, and I will go back and read the high-quality translations when they come out. Thank you for all your generosity and I respect whatever you decide to do with the translations.

  56. Its simple, Keep Both Hybrid-MTL, and Human Translation on the side as it’ll give more content to the readers. I’m on both Side. I personally read google translation sometimes and whem human transmission of wct came I re-read those chapter only to appreciate the quality. Go for hybrid Machine as you are saying it’ll give more time to the core team. And make sure that Human High Quality Translation comes out. Than People can appreciate the quality. Cause the star shines during the night. Also you guys can take a reference from from the website filmxy vip. Although not legal. But their add revenue system is quite unique.(I prefer it over other sites). They keep the main site add free. And make you watch 5 adds to watch content all day. You can also keep this on the site for the user who cannot support you directly. Just as a option. just an option.

  57. I don’t think its worth doing hybrid since most of us here can read the newest mtl chapters on other sites and won’t bother to come back here to reread it. There’s no point in competing with other mtl sites if they can get the chapter out in the same day and mtl doesn’t matter much with quality. If anything it’ll be better to focus mtl on arcs that havn’t been translated since it’ll actually be something different.

  58. Quality is important but one chapter per 1-2 month totally not good. How readers have to remember what was even in previous chapter?
    Better way not be so obsesive with quality and let it be just normal. Instead get some speed for more comfortable reading.

  59. I like the idea. Quality translations take time, of course, and like you said, you are volunteers and have more to your life than this. We really do appreciate your efforts to get the story to us as soon as possible, for those of us who aren’t at a level where we can just read the raw japanese releases. Please continue what you’re doing, even if it may be thankless most of the time. The machine translations will definitely help, perhaps you could do a quick run through to correct basic english grammar mistakes so that it’s easier to read, and that would be it. Then continue on with your own translations. I’ve been watching the updates for months now, honestly, and was a bit worried that the pace may suggest you guys would stop translating soon. Glad to hear that isn’t the case. This hybrid idea of yours will definitely help alleviate some anxiety amongst the readers, and I’m personally going to re-read any chapters that you guys have translated yourselves. Keep up the good work.

  60. Please choose quality over speed, even if you take 1.5 months to publish a chapter. It makes it worth the read because of the wait time/anticipation and how interesting

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