Updates to some of our old Translations

Over a year ago, we announced here that there would be some efforts to re-do some translations from some of our older Chapters, from the time when our translators were less experienced with the language, and were just starting out with translation, resulting in some more lower quality translations. This process has been ongoing, especially recently, and we’re pleased to announce that some chapters have already received updated versions and are live on the Site.

However, one issue that this has caused, is that Ebook makers have been using old versions of our chapters. Even though we have no issue with people making Ebooks out of our chapters, it’s your responsibility, if you are distributing them publicly, to keep them updated to the site’s content as best as possible as our re-translation efforts do fix mis-translations as well. The recommendation we make to everyone however, is to read Chapters from our site, as we cannot be responsible for the accuracy of contents written by third parties unaffiliated to WCT, especially given that it’s nearly impossible for us to get in contact with them. Otherwise, for those making Ebooks, we recommend you wait until the update process is complete on the Website before making Ebook versions.

That said, our proofreader, Phantaminum has been working on creating his own Epub versions of chapters in conjunction with trying to keep them updated with changes in WCT.

You can find them for download in each respective Arc Page, though some are still being compiled currently: Arc Four | Arc Five | Arc Six | Arc Seven

We still, however, recommend you read the versions on the site instead as the translation update process is still ongoing and more chapters are expected to be gradually updated. This process will not coincide with the Arc Seven releases, which are still ongoing, with Chapter 18 about 2/3 done, and should not incur any further delays on their translation.

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  1. Can you do a version without indicating who’s speaking? Because that’s not how English works and I should be able to tell who is speaking from context alone.

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