Arc 8, Chapter 55 – “Madelyn Eschart”


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――Madelyn Eschart was the youngest dragonkin in existence.

By nature, due to the mechanisms behind the dragonkin’s genesis, they possessed origins distinct from every other race. In order to precisely explain their ecology, the relationship between dragonkin and Dragons must first be known.

Nowadays, the number of individual Dragons that could be identified on the surface had considerably decreased, but that was influenced to no small extent by the fact that in times of yore, the favorite food of the Stick Swinger, Reid Astrea, had been Dragon meat.

Reid killed Dragons as he pleased, and killed the Dragons that had challenged him for retribution because of that; by doing that for several years, the already small number of Dragons had decreased even more in the blink of an eye, and they had been brought to the verge of extinction.

And, in the background behind the downfall of the Dragons, the ecology of Dragons played a big part.

First of all, Dragons did not require copulation or mating in order to multiply. Even without a male and female pairing up, they were creatures capable of asexual reproduction. Their bodies were constructed with a large quantity of Mana, and thus were fundamentally different from other races, and if a comparison had to be made, the closest thing would probably be Spirits.

Only, unlike Spirits, which had levels such as Micro, Quasi, and Great, Dragons were Dragons by birth, and there was no doubt that their unparalleled might existed at the apex of all living things.

Therefore, Dragons possessed almost no sense of protecting other individuals of their race, or of preserving the species.

Since they were capable of parthenogenesis, they inevitably harbored little interest in other Dragons. The ones that challenged Reid in the name of retribution for their species did not do so for the sake of the killed Dragons, but because their pride deemed it unacceptable for the Dragon race to be disdained.

As a result, by the time the Dragons realized how bad their situation was, they were already standing on the verge of extinction―― even the mighty Dragon that was the leader of the flock filled Reid’s stomach, and in another land, their confrontation with the Witch of Sloth had proved to be fatal, so the time had come for them to make a decision.

That decision was, namely, whether to follow the pride of a Dragon or not.

The Dragons that followed their pride abandoned the land, and while not approving of the attacks led by individual specimens hostile against Reid or the Witch of Sloth, they had chosen to fly away over yonder.

The Dragons that did not follow their pride remained in the land, and without severing relations with those who arrogantly opposed Dragons that were superior to themselves, they had made the unusual choice to continue feuding.

From a human’s intuition, it might seem like the explanations of the ones that had and had not followed their pride were reversed, but this was correct when considering the perception of the Dragons.

In the first place, Dragons were the ultimate existence that could not possibly be compared with other races. There was no reason for them to go through the trouble of clashing with other species to prove that point. For Dragons, doing battle was defined as vying for survival, so if one wished to compete for victory, they would do so through the act of surviving. Therefore, those who were capable of doing so would be known as superior specimens.

The line of thinking went that the Dragons who could not reach that thought, instead doing battle with humans to prove an unnecessary point, clinging to the land and risking their lives, were causing Dragons as a whole to be disdained, and thus were in the wrong.

Therefore, the majority of the Dragons departed from the land, and the Dragons that yet remained were eccentrics―― to put it more directly, they were treated as deviants among the Dragons.

At the top of that list would be the Divine Dragon, Volcanica, who was the most proactively friendly towards humans of the ones that had stayed behind, but the topic of that well known Dragon deviates from the matter at hand, and thus will be omitted.

Thus, at last, we return to the subject of dragonkin.

Going against the intentions of the Dragon race, the Dragons that remained in the land all acted independently.

Some Dragons died challenging Reid or the Witch of Sloth, other Dragons lived as hermits in regions that they had grown familiar with, and another portion of Dragons had become humans. ――The decision of this final portion of Dragons had served as the basis for the dragonkin.

It was ironic, but the existence of Reid Astrea had played a large part in the creation of dragonkin.

Whether the Dragons followed their pride or not, there was a level of audacity in the man who had driven them to that decision, but it was his strength that had left a stronger impression on the pride of the Dragons.

As mentioned previously, Dragons boasted that they were the apex of all living things, and they were well aware that they were the ultimate existence. Just as they knew how to move their limbs, how to look at things, and how to hear sounds without the need to learn, that was an intuitive understanding.

Therefore, being the ultimate existence was important to Dragons, and if they indeed were, then there would be no need to fuss over the original form of a Dragon. ――If they were superior, then even the form of a human would be fine.

It was mentioned that the construction of the Dragons’ bodies was close to that of Spirits, and that ecology would come into use here.

Originally, the reason Dragons took on the majestic form of large bodies that sprouted wings, with sharp fangs and claws, and tough scales, was none other than because it easily displayed their abilities as the ultimate existence. Dragons had retained the same form for so long because there had never appeared a form that could display the power of a Dragon more aptly.

But, with the trend of times and changes in the world, if there was a need to alter themselves into a more suitable form, the Dragons would not shun the notion of discarding their majestic appearances, and instead taking the same forms as humans.

That was the origin of the dragonkin, their relationship with Dragons. ――That was to say, the dragonkin were the evolved form of Dragons, the next generation spawned through parthenogenesis.

While they were equipped with the same physical traits as humans, that was the reason why every dragonkin was capable of movements incomparable to those of humans, and why they possessed extraordinary power as living things.

However, in the long history of Dragons, this was the first time there had been such a sudden and drastic evolution in form, and the birth of dragonkin caused many problems.

Among those, the most serious flaw was that critical damage would be yielded in the soul of the Dragon that served as a parent to a dragonkin, followed by them becoming an empty shell stripped of their mind, the phenomenon of the dragonhusk.

A Dragon that had become a dragonhusk was practically in the state of a living corpse, and save for the instinctual act of self-defense, they were transformed into a puppet that obeyed the will of their descended dragonkin with whom they bore a deep connection.

Even so, the extraordinary power possessed by a Dragon remained, and to an average human, they would be more than enough of a threat, but it was definitely not a desired state.

The Dragons that remained in the land with their own bodies were few, and the Dragons that had evolved into dragonkin were even fewer. From various perspectives, it was considered a disgusting example of failure for the Dragons that had evolved into dragonkin.

But, while being aware of the failures of other Dragons, the dragonkin continued to exist with a small overall population.

And while understanding that their species would scorn it as the foolish struggles of deviants who had abandoned their pride as Dragons and remained in the land, unable to recognize the error in their decision.

――Dragonkin still continued to be born, and as one of them, Madelyn Eschart had come into this world.


An impact beyond comprehension beat Madelyn down, who was occupying the dragonhusk of the Cloud Dragon, Mezoreia.

In her original body, that of a young girl in human form, Madelyn knew what it felt like to be hurled.

That was certainly infuriating, but at least she could comprehend it. But, for this huge build of the Cloud Dragon to be tossed about by a being as small as the tip of its tail, was an event completely detached from reason.

How utterly nonsensical. It should have never come to pass. This sort of thing was entirely beyond the realm of imagination.

Madelyn: [――HUMAN!!]

With its back slammed against the wall, what was reflected in her upside-down vision, was a bloodied boy beckoning to her from atop the smashed stone pavement.

Golden hair and sharp fangs, she could tell he was a beast demi-human from his ferocious, ghastly aura, but there was no doubt that he was human. There was no reason for Madelyn’s flame of indignation to disappear.

In the first place, it was no joke to suffer a direct hit from a Dragon’s breath and live to tell the tale.

――Storing her own mind within the dragonhusk of Mezoreia, she controlled its movements as if it was her property.

This was Madelyn’s privilege as a dragonkin, and with the number of years since she had come into this world as a dragonkin still few, it was a powerful technique she was able to employ because there remained a strong connection between her and Mezoreia, the specimen that was her parent.

The destructive impulses and power that were usually too much for that small body, she could now wield to her heart’s content with this large body. She would proclaim in a loud voice that it was this mighty power that was the true Madelyn.

She had not wished to be born into such a small, frail, easily crushable, helpless body.

If that had not been so, if it had not been that kind of body, Balleroy would not have left Madelyn behind when he went to challenge his final battle.

If Madelyn had been a Dragon with a scary face and a big, powerful body―― even though she was.

Boy: [――Shield of Sanctuary, Garfiel Tinzel.]

Gnashing his sharp fangs, and firmly planting his feet on the smashed up street, the boy―― Garfiel, gave his name.

That held the significance of a warrior giving their introduction as they threw down the gauntlet, but unbeknownst to that, the dragonkin sharpened the glint in the Cloud Dragon’s eyes, and greatly swung its tail.

Using that vigor to tear its upside-down body from the wall, she placed all four of its limbs on the ground and glared at the boy.

She would not lose. Even if her opponent was a being who had endured a breath she thought had certainly killed him, who had jumped out from under the rubble after a mere few seconds, Madelyn would not lose.

It was this very dragonhusk of the Cloud Dragon that Madelyn had desired as a bridal gown for Balleroy’s sake.

Madelyn: [Someone like you, isn’t friggin’ special…!]

Its long white whiskers shaking, a shout arose from the Cloud Dragon’s throat. Despite being right before the Dragon’s roar as it struck fear in the world, the half-dead, half-alive Garfiel did not waver.

His appearance almost looked as if he was being accompanied by a mountainous number of reliable allies.

Garfiel: [――Ahh, I know.]

Madelyn: [――――]

Garfiel: [‘Cause in order to make sure my amazin’ self didn’t get any mistaken ideas, the woman I’ve fallen for went ‘n stopped me from rushin’ ahead by sayin’ I was truly a fool!!]

Joining his fists before his chest, his silver gauntlets powerfully clanged out, and Garfiel roared.

In front of a creature that was supposed to be fragile, yet did not show a hint of weakness, Madelyn felt anger, in addition to something else. That something she had felt, she denied that which a Dragon must never harbor towards a human.


That next moment, responding to Madelyn’s outburst, the Cloud Dragon’s roar shook the Imperial Capital once more.

Until just before, Garfiel had kept Madelyn positioned inside the city, and he put in hard work to ensure that the direction in which she unleashed the breaths would be towards the outside of the city. With that, he had fought while maintaining vigilance over the length and width of the attack range of the Dragon’s breath, but here, those hard efforts would be reduced to naught.

Unleashed from the uttermost south of the city, the Crystal Palace that was directly at the city’s northernmost point was captured within its range. The rays of destruction that had been charged up within the Dragon’s body scorched the street, reducing buildings to dust, destroying everything in its line of fire, and it was about to penetrate the North―― if Garfiel had not been there.

Garfiel: [Oh, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH――!!!]

He firmly planted both his feet on the ground as if to pierce it, and raising both arms that were clad in silver gauntlets in front of himself, Garfiel caught the Cloud Dragon’s breath head on.

Even though putting up even a little bit of a fight against that would be considered a miracle, the boy was not blown away, he was not blasted away, and he managed to endure as he protected the Imperial Capital from destruction.

The mechanism that allowed for this extraordinary strife to be realized, lay in his two feet that were thrusted into the ground.

The eyes of the Cloud Dragon, retaining the form of a dragonhusk constructed with a large volume of Mana, perceived that Mana was flowing from the ground into Garfiel with abnormal vigor.

Garfiel’s abnormal recovery ability and stamina until now had likely been from absorbing power from the ground like that, but its scale and vigor had immediately skyrocketed.

As proof of that, Garfiel was not simply holding his ground, but while basking in the Cloud Dragon’s breath, he advanced one step forward, of all things.

One step, and then another, he steadily advanced, closing the distance on Madelyn.

Garfiel: [To make sure my amazin’ self doesn’t chicken out, I got a fuck ton of guys pattin’ me on my back tellin’ me to keep on goin’!!]

As Madelyn doubted her vision, a voice could be heard amidst the destruction where even sound had been scorched to naught.

Impossible. But, Garfiel had declared so. Declaring so, he continued to advance. Against this Cloud Dragon’s breath, amidst destruction that would likely cause the maps to be redrawn, he advanced.

One step, and then another, taking steps which should have never been possible――.

Madelyn: [――Rahhfwahh!!]

Witnessing his advance, Madelyn’s exhale was greatly disheveled.

The roar and the breath, to phrase it another way, were none other than the destructive war cry of the Dragon. Having her mind thrown into disarray, if the breath ran out, the destruction would cease.

Garfiel’s advance and resistance had been enough to conquer the Cloud Dragon’s breath.

Garfiel: [GaaaRAHHHHHH!!]

With the sound of a crash as he broke through, Garfiel swung both his arms up.

By doing that, the final stretch of the Cloud Dragon’s breath shot up into the sky. The Dragon was motionless with eyes wide-open, and as white steam emitted from all over its body, it saw as Garfiel’s body, burned a deep red to the extent that it would make one want to avert their eyes, rapidly healing.

Behind him, was the cityscape of the Imperial Capital that he had protected with his two slender arms, and the figure of the red-haired man who had fallen down on his backside within that cityscape.

Madelyn: [――――]

Having been fully defended against, Madelyn was struck by an impact.

However, more so than the fact that the Dragon’s breath had not worked, the true shock that hit Madelyn was in a more horrifying form.

Making a loud gulping sound, the red-haired human looked at the cityscape that had not been blown away by the breath, and said this.

Red-Haired Man: [You’re not, sane… that breath was about to blast away the entire palace, and you just stopped it…!]

Madelyn: [――――ah.]

In regards to the reality before his eyes, those had been the words of the red-haired man as he trembled with fear. There had even been some fear towards Garfiel, who had resisted the Dragon’s breath, and endured, but that was different for Madelyn.

For Madelyn, malevolent blades stabbed into her as she reflected on her own actions.

It was as the red-haired man had said. If Garfiel had not stopped her, her roar would have erased the Imperial Capital.

Even though the Crystal Palace within the line of fire would have contained Madelyn’s body, as well as Balleroy and Carillon.

Madelyn: [T-that’s friggin’ wrong… hk.]

Slowly, weakly shaking her head, she denied her own actions with gestures unbecoming of a Dragon.

With blood rushing to her head, her thoughts stained white, she became frantic to do something about the enemy in front of her, and as a result, Madelyn had almost blown away anything and everything.

To think that she had been saved by a small, weak, fragile, helpless human.

Madelyn: [That’s wrong, that’s wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WROOOOOOONG…!!]

Garfiel: [Ahh? Oi, what’s with you…]

Madelyn: [This dragon! For the sake of Balleroy! Everything, everything everything, was for the friggin’ sake of Balleroy!!]

At her wit’s end, Madelyn piled on words of denial, to which Garfiel made a dubious face. As if painting over Garfiel’s, over the voice she did not want to hear the most, Madelyn shouted.

Raising a scream that even she herself did not fully comprehend, the Cloud Dragon thrashed its wings.

Garfiel: [――Hk!]

As a violent gale was spurred forth, Garfiel immediately crouched down as his hair intensely flapped; the Cloud Dragon, Mezoreia, ascended in one go, and flew up into the heavenly skies.

Thereupon existed thick, dark clouds that were covering the entirety of the Imperial Capital of Lupugana.

Madelyn: [Someone like you, isn’t friggin’ special…!]

Following the beck and call of the Cloud Dragon, Mezoreia, clouds had gathered from across the entire Empire―― with the Mana that Mezoreia could not keep stored within itself sealed within them, they were a destructive impulse of white.

She had brought them together in a single swoop. ――By no means, were they something Madelyn would be able to handle. Even so, she would be able to bring them down to the surface as a bundle of absurd power.

Madelyn: [This dragon, isn’t friggin’ special…!]

Once Madelyn brought the clouds down to the surface, she would blast away Garfiel and the red-haired human, and then she would kill anyone who knew about what she had done.

By doing that, Madelyn would――,

Madelyn: [The only one who’s friggin’ special, is Balleroy…!!]

As the weeping voice of the Dragon rained down from the heavens above, the puny humans below her looked up at the sky.

While looking up, the boy, small, yet not weak or fragile, gnashed his fangs,

Garfiel: [――This massive, goddamn idiot.]


――Madelyn Eschart was born at the summit of Mount Palzoa, the mountain where the Cloud Sea City of Mezoreia was located.

That city, crowned with the name of the Cloud Dragon that had inhabited the Empire for a long time, was a land where many who aspired to utilize the Empire’s original technique of flying dragon riding would make their way.

Through the power of the Dragon that had settled there, large clouds wound around the tall mountain’s surface all year round without ever disappearing, and the city had been built at a high elevation upon it.

The mountain was the residence for wild, violent flying dragons, and the elevation of the Cloud Sea City was a place where humans could just barely survive―― those aiming to go even higher, would either end up with a flying dragon’s fangs gnawing into them, or return with a flying dragon egg, and embark on the path of being a flying dragon rider.

The likes of the mountain’s summit, concealed by the thickest clouds, had never once been seen by anybody.

The untrodden summit of Mount Palzoa, that was Madelyn’s birthplace.

Wrapped in clouds of white, in a place where, despite the presence of the sky, one could not hope to behold its azure hue, Madelyn had been born as one of the rarest beings in this world, a dragonkin. The new generation of Dragons, the ultimate existence, and while she was acquiring an instinctual understanding, there was a tragedy that had awaited her.

That was――,

???: [――I, am Mezoreia. In accordance with the voice of mine dear child, I shalt become the wind from the heavenly skies.]

Her biological parent, the Cloud Dragon, Mezoreia, had become a dragonhusk upon birthing a dragonkin, and had welcomed Madelyn’s birth in a state where communication had become difficult.

Hardly exchanging any words, yet only understanding that it was a Dragon who was close to her, the newborn Madelyn was not taught even a single thing, and she had earnestly spent her time in futility.

Why the Cloud Dragon, who ought to have lived for a long time, being fully aware of the severe and absurd nature of the world, had chosen to engage in this cruel generational shift, was something that even now Madelyn failed to understand.

The one thing that could be said was that, despite not being alone, Madelyn had spent her days amidst the clouds in eternal solitude.

And the one who had put an end to that solitude, was somebody who had accomplished something that nobody in the history of the Empire had ever done before, and had reached the summit of the mountain engulfed by the Cloud Sea; it was Balleroy Temeglyph.

Balleroy: [Really now, it’s all fine and dandy that I went in wanting to challenge my own abilities, but… I never woulda expected that there’d be a lovely young lass and a frightening Dragon waiting for me at the top.]

???: [――Kiryararahhh!]

Within what was a world of dense clouds rather than dense fog, finding Madelyn―― the very young dragonkin who had yet to bear that name, Balleroy scratched his cheek in a troubled manner.

The flying dragon next to him, Carillon, was overwhelmed by the presence of the Cloud Dragon and the very young dragonkin, but still stood in a way to protect its companion, Balleroy.

Mezoreia: [――I, am Mezoreia. In accordance with the voice of mine dear child, I shalt become the wind from the heavenly skies.]

The Cloud Dragon, unable to say anything but those words, and only providing clouds bundled with Mana as meals, had likely not rejected the sudden visitor only due to the fact that he harbored no enmity.

Before Balleroy and Carillon, the Cloud Dragon had instinctively rejected flying dragons that had carelessly strayed from the pack and got lost in the clouds, making them disappear before they could enter the vision of its young child.

Therefore, this was the first time the young child was encountering life other than herself or the Cloud Dragon.

Young Child: [――――]

The young child kept silent. Or rather, she did not know any words to speak.

At the pairing of human and flying dragon that had appeared without warning, all she could do was shrink her body. The Cloud Dragon did not say anything at times like this, and kept its consciousness submerged in the depths of ambiguity.

Of course, depending on the person’s next action, the Cloud Dragon could forcibly remove Balleroy and Carillon in the same way it had done so for all the flying dragons that had peered at the summit until now.

However, before the overwhelming presence of a Dragon and a dragonkin, Balleroy, without getting especially worked up, took off the coat he was wearing, and,

Balleroy: [For now, put this on, lil’ miss. It ain’t good for a maiden to recklessly expose her skin like that.]

With that said, the young child―― the girl whom Balleroy would later go on to name Madelyn, was given the first semblance of kindness and warmth she had ever experienced in her life.

Two alternate portrayals of this scene can be found here and here.


――Madelyn’s peculiar meetings with Balleroy always took place within the Cloud Sea.

Balleroy: [Madelyn, I’ve come again. Have ya been a good girl?]

Madelyn: [Balleroy!]

Balleroy: [Uwatahh!?]

Tearing through the thick, white clouds, Balleroy had showed up, and towards him, the young child―― Madelyn came running.

Catching the body of the girl jumping towards him, that impact and vigor caused him to tumble down backwards together with Carillon after having just landed, and despite his dizziness, Balleroy stroked Madelyn’s head.

Since their first meeting, Balleroy had made frequent appearances at the summit of Mount Palzoa.

It was a summit that many flying dragon riders had risked their lives to challenge, yet nobody had ever reached before. Back then, she had no idea how much hardship Balleroy had gone through to reach her, and how valuable an action it was.

Only, by frequently visiting the mountain, and bringing Madelyn a connection to the unknown outside world, Balleroy became an irreplaceable existence to her.

The name Madelyn, was also something Balleroy had given to her.

At a loss for what to call her, he asked for her name, and when the young child replied that she had no name, he earnestly wracked his brain, and decided on that name to give her.

Balleroy: [Back when I was a kid around your age, that was the name of a person who treated me real well. She was the one who gave me my name… I’m much obliged to her.]

Madelyn: [Balleroy, that human, was she friggin’ precious to you…?]

Balleroy: [We had parted ways before I could properly think that. And yet, to still remain within me after all these years, I guess that’d hafta be the case.]

He gave a broad grin, yet he seemed somewhat lonely, so Madelyn gently nuzzled her cheek against his chest.

The name of someone precious to him, he had bestowed it upon Madelyn in this manner. In other words, it was evidence that Madelyn was precious to Balleroy.

Being thought of like that by Balleroy, caused Madelyn to feel a deep, warm emotion.

Wishing for more of that, much, much more of that, she eagerly anticipated her time together with Balleroy.

Wanting to converse more with Balleroy, she diligently remembered the words of humans.

In this regard, Balleroy was also surprised by Madelyn’s high learning ability, but that was, in all likelihood, a trait of the dragonkin that had been inherited from the nature of Dragons.

For some reason, her dialect would not disappear no matter what, but that did not get in the way of her conversations with Balleroy. [1]

Balleroy: [Hehe, looks like my judgment wasn’t mistaken. Suits ya well, Madelyn.]

Madelyn: [I-is that friggin’ so? Fufu…]

Placing his hand on his chin, Balleroy nodded in a satisfied manner, and as she did a twirl before him, Madelyn ascertained the feeling of the fluttering cloth―― no, of the clothes he had presented to her.

The gentle color of the clothes seemed to be “sky-blue” from what Balleroy had said. It was the same color as Madelyn’s hair, and it was something that Balleroy had gone out of his way to prepare for her.

In all honesty, as a dragonkin, Madelyn felt annoyed by wearing clothes like this since they impeded her movement, but that feeling vanished when she looked at Balleroy.

Giving her a name, giving her words, and giving her clothes, he had granted her happiness.

Madelyn counted the things Balleroy had granted her, and remembered them all. It was in the nature of Dragons. Dragons would absolutely never forget the treasures they had hoarded.

The items and emotions Balleroy had brought her, were all treasures to Madelyn.

Balleroy: [Well then, I’ll come again before the moon is half-full, Madelyn.]

As the precious, fragile time they spent together heartrendingly came to a close, Balleroy mounted Carillon, and flew away from the Cloud Dragon’s nest.

With the promise of their next meeting in her heart, Madelyn endured the sad feelings and saw him off.

――Leaving Madelyn behind at the summit, just who could call Balleroy heartless as he flew away?

In the Dragon’s nest, enveloped in white clouds, it was not as if Balleroy had never attempted to take Madelyn out, who had yet to see even the sky that was of the same hue as her hair.

Only, he had been unable to do so. Even if the Cloud Dragon, who existed in a vague world, had overlooked Balleroy and Carillon entering its nest, it would not allow them to attempt to take Madelyn outside.

Mezoreia: [――I, am Mezoreia. In accordance with the voice of mine dear child, I shalt become the wind from the heavenly skies.]

Mezoreia had accepted Balleroy and Carillon as they bore no enmity; however, as soon as they tried to take Madelyn out, it would follow its instincts, baring its fangs.

In a Dragon’s nest, under the eye of the Dragon that was its lord, there was no chance for a human to win.

Therefore, Balleroy did not take Madelyn out. Madelyn, too, did not wish for Balleroy to die. That was why Madelyn had never once said that she wanted him to take her outside.

Instead, just once, she had made him an entreaty.

Madelyn: [Balleroy, won’t you friggin’ stay here… together with this dragon, forever?]

Balleroy: [――――]

Seeing Balleroy’s cheeks stiffen in response as she made that entreaty, Madelyn regretted it.

The moment of silence that was created, served as a faithful representation of Balleroy’s answer in response to Madelyn’s entreaty. Balleroy would not stay here at the summit.

Outside of this world clouded in white, Balleroy still had many things that were precious to him.

Just like how Madelyn had nothing but this white world, Balleroy had nothing but the outside world. This was a world uninhabitable for Balleroy, for humans.

Balleroy: [――I’m real sorry, Madelyn.]

Apologizing to Madelyn as she comprehended that, Balleroy tried to stroke her head like he usually did. For the first time, Madelyn rejected Balleroy’s palm, and sent him away.

As tears welled up in her eyes, she threw a tantrum and raised her voice, and chasing Balleroy and Carillon away from the summit as if blaming them, Madelyn sobbed.

Sobbing for three days and three nights, Madelyn regretted her own actions.

During that time, she succumbed to her emotions, wondering what she would do if Balleroy never showed up again, she lamented from the bottom of her heart. To think that the last time she would ever have seen Balleroy was with him bearing a saddened expression, Madelyn absolutely hated that. She lamented with all her being.

However, Madelyn was young, and her thoughts and imagination were naively shallow.

The greatest regret of Madelyn’s life came after her three days and nights of sobbing.

――That day, when the Cloud Dragon Mezoreia had left her side, Madelyn had not been especially worried.

Even though it had left her side, the Cloud Dragon’s wings would not fly far beyond this mountain engulfed in clouds. At most, the range it would go was such that its thunderous roar could still be fully heard.

Whether that was to hunt flying dragons that had carelessly entered the Cloud Dragon’s nest, or if it was a reckless challenger who had set foot on the mountain path aiming for the summit, she had thought it was either one of those.

Whatever the case, she had no doubt that, with time, Mezoreia would return.

More importantly, it was her regret that would not disappear no matter how many days passed, as well the method to control her emotions as she continued to weep her eyes out, that had been much more of a problem.

That was why she did not care about the fact that the Cloud Dragon, Mezoreia, had returned bearing many wounds on its scales for the first time, nor did she care about what sort of challenger had inflicted those wounds.

Balleroy: [――I’m real sorry, Madelyn.]

Madelyn came to discover that answer when she witnessed Balleroy, who had arrived at the summit again a few days after that worst-possible parting, bearing wounds that would make one wish to avert their eyes all over his body.

Balleroy’s apology to the speechless Madelyn, that was neither an apology for not showing up for a while, nor was it an apology for being unable to meet Madelyn’s request.

Balleroy: […I had wanted to defeat the Cloud Dragon, and bring ya outta here, though.]

Saying that with wounds that seemed to put him on the verge of death, while stroking the back of his equally battered beloved dragon, Balleroy gave a pathetic smile, and tears streamed down Madelyn’s face.

She had regretted it. In all of Madelyn’s dragon life, that was the greatest regret that could not be erased.

――Dragons would cling to their treasure. It was in the nature of Dragons.

Thus, for the Cloud Dragon, having been submerged in a vague world after becoming a dragonhusk, that was a part of its nature it would not forget even in such a state, and so, Madelyn was the treasure it could not bear to lose.

Balleroy had tried to steal that away, risking his life in the process.

Madelyn: [Friggin’, idiot…]

Balleroy: [I had thought I’d be able to do it, but… really, even I myself was quite shocked.]

Madelyn: [Wrong! Friggin’ wrong! It’s not Balleroy, it’s this dragon who’s the friggin’ idiot…!]

Denying Balleroy as he engaged in pathetic self-deprecation, Madelyn firmly bit down on her molars.

Until today, until this very moment, she had cursed herself for only ever receiving things from Balleroy, and now, without anybody telling her, she had finally figured out what she ought to do.

These thick, white clouds where Madelyn had existed from birth, were walls that Madelyn needed to tear down with her own claws.

Depending on Balleroy’s kindness, Madelyn had continued to let him breach through, and until he finally braved danger to the verge of death, she had not even made an attempt to realize that.

Just how shameless was she? Was that uncouth way of being really befitting of a dragonkin, an ultimate existence?

Madelyn: [I, the dragon, will friggin’ do it myself.]

Balleroy: [Madelyn?]

Madelyn: [This dragon, will friggin’ go outside on her own. Not being brought out, but on my own… This time, this dragon will friggin’ go to meet Balleroy by herself. If I do that…]

Firmly gripping the hem of the clothes she had been gifted by Balleroy, with the words she had learned from Balleroy, she took the emotions she had been granted by Balleroy, and would convey them to Balleroy, who had given her everything.

As an ultimate existence, as a dragonkin, she would convey those emotions to the special human who had captivated her.

Madelyn: [If I do that, will you make this dragon your bride?]

Balleroy: [――――]

At Madelyn’s question, a moment of silence similar to the one from earlier was born.

Balleroy’s silence this time, however, was different from that which tormented the foolish, ignorant Madelyn, who had ended up sobbing for three days and nights, and she knew that there was something concealed therein.

At that time, Madelyn could only see what she wanted to see.

Even though she called out to Balleroy, all she wanted was for him to see her.

That was why――,

Balleroy: [――I guess that’d be so. If ya did that, I s’pose it’d be a wonderful thing for both Madelyn and myself.]

With Balleroy showing kindness to the utmost of his ability, he had made Madelyn fully aware that she was not his number one, and thus, a promise was exchanged.


――There were likely some who would argue that these feelings of Madelyn’s were not real love.

There may be some who would analyze it as something akin to a chick hatched from an egg, imprinting on the first thing they saw to use it as support.

That it was only that she wanted to believe that the first person she had come into contact with outside of the beings deeply close to her, the first being to show her kindness, the relationship that had given her so many firsts, was special.

There may be some who would laugh off Balleroy’s reply, as he made a fleeting smile in response to Madelyn’s courting, as the kindhearted lie of a father designed not to hurt the feelings of a daughter who said that she would marry him in the future.

There may be some who would sympathize with Balleroy, who had feelings for somebody else, as merely being very considerate of Madelyn, since they were both in a similar situation of being unable to speak of their hidden feelings.

But, each and every one of those, was nothing more than the measure of humans.

Dragonkin, or even Dragons, had different values and ways of thinking to that of humans. Supposing one were to deny that dragonkin and Dragons were different, then it would be Madelyn’s values that were unique from the rest.

From her heart, truly from the deepest depths of her heart, Madelyn desired Balleroy Temeglyph.

If that was not romance or love, then Madelyn would spend the rest of eternity never knowing what that was. To the extent of thinking that, her soul was burning with an ardor willing to put her life on the line.

Vowing to Balleroy, who had almost died for her sake, Madelyn tore through the white clouds.

Challenging the Cloud Dragon that stood in her way as she tried to leave, as it used its Dragon power to try to entirely discourage her wishes, she thrust her fangs into it and, in the end, subdued it.

For the first time, she thrust herself out under the sky that shared the same color as her hair; for the first time, she accomplished something she had decided to do by herself; for the first time, she tried to head to the side of her beloved person of her own accord, and that was when she learned.

――Balleroy Temeglyph had fought against the Empire, and lost his life.

Madelyn: [――What am I supposed to friggin’ do?]

Right now, Madelyn did not know that answer.

Confronted with something too large to swallow, Madelyn’s feelings of love had lost their destination.

And with the destinationless love being too much for her to handle, she even lost sight of her meaning to live, so not knowing what to do, Madelyn even thought about becoming one of the Blight Dragons that would be left in the history of the Empire; the one to find her then was Berstetz, who had been searching for somebody to fill the empty seat in the Nine Divine Generals.

The location was Balleroy’s residence that remained in the Imperial Capital, which she had discovered by pursuing his scent.

Balleroy had gone down in the records as a rebel, and the reason why Berstetz, who had been entrusted with the disposal of his residence, had not been killed by Madelyn, who happened to be present there, was because within Berstetz’s thread-like eyes was housed the same light of having lost something that was also in Madelyn’s eyes.

Berstetz patiently listened as Madelyn divulged her story with difficulty; upon hearing that Madelyn’s identity was that of a dragonkin, and that she had possessed a relationship with Balleroy, he made two suggestions.

The first, was to act impulsively with her unmanageable emotions, and follow the same path as Balleroy, who had been defeated as an enemy of the Empire.

The other, was to accept the endorsement of Berstetz, whom she had just met here, become a member of the Nine Divine Generals like Balleroy once was, and while tracing back his footsteps, wait for an opportunity for retribution.

She did not struggle long to make a decision. Why it had not taken her long, Madelyn herself was unsure.

Only, it might have been that she wanted to find what Balleroy had left behind, even if only by a little bit more.

Berstetz: [――Madelyn Eschart. It is an old family name of Vollachia that is no longer around, but it shall be passed down to you. Prestige is quite important, after all.]

Madelyn: [Prestige?]

Berstetz: [The reason it is no longer around, is because they fought against the Empire and disappeared. This may just be the intuition of my old bones, but I sense that it is quite the match for your dearest wish.]

Following the advice Berstetz gave in a low voice, Madelyn Eschart was born.

Afterwards, she accepted Berstetz’s endorsement, and progressed the situation in accordance with his intentions; taking the position that had once been occupied by Balleroy, Madelyn set out on a journey to discover the him she did not know.

It was a journey on which she was unsure of the destination she ought to be aiming for.

Even when she stepped forth from that mountaintop, out from that narrow world enveloped by clouds, and into the world Balleroy had told her about, Madelyn’s heart remained stuck on that day, captured by the man who had come together with his flying dragon.

Even so, she carried out the duties required of a Divine General. In Balleroy’s stead.

Even so, she demonstrated the prestige required of the Empire’s Generals. In Balleroy’s stead.

Even so, she wielded the power required to defeat the Empire’s enemies. In Balleroy’s stead.

Berstetz had likely harbored good intentions when he advised Madelyn to take her current position.

Or perhaps Berstetz had a wish that still remained as he grew old, and in order to fulfill his wish, he calculated what pawns would be required, and used Madelyn.

Either way, Madelyn did not bear a grudge against Berstetz.

That was not limited to just Berstetz. ――She simply did not have that kind of space in her heart.

Acquiring the position of Divine General, she spent her time as General tracing back Balleroy’s footsteps. For Madelyn, those were days of unfathomable terror.

Every time she fought hard, every time she thought of Balleroy, every time she tried to fill the hole of Balleroy, Madelyn herself felt like she was killing Balleroy.

Every time she compensated for Balleroy’s absence, she was stealing his place in the world, the traces he left behind.

In that case, should she hand it over to somebody else? Madelyn would likely feel that the person who received it was killing Balleroy, and she would surely kill that person with her own hands.

She could at least understand that Balleroy would not want that, so Madelyn continued to exhaust herself.

Since she would not let anybody else do it, she would continue to kill Balleroy herself. And, when she finally killed Balleroy, would her own heart also die?

If so, she felt like that would be the best way to do it.

That which Balleroy had given her, this heart, these emotions. When Balleroy had died, at the time when she was not together with him in his most important moment, they ought to have perished.

And yet――,

Madelyn: [Why is a dragon’s fang… Why is Carillon’s fang friggin’ hanging from your neck!?]

At the height of the disturbance shaking the Empire, she encountered a man carrying the fang of the flying dragon who had died together with Balleroy.

From the man who knew the Balleroy unknown to her, Madelyn heard stories of a Balleroy from the time when he was not with her, when he was not a General, and a sense of love blossomed in her heart once again.

And then, as tremors beckoned further tremors, at the end of the successive tremors, it had happened.

――The Great Disaster had, without a doubt, resurrected what Madelyn had lost.

Complimenting her sky-blue hair, saying that it was his favorite color, he stroked her head.

He gave a gentle, soft smile that caused her chest to tighten upon seeing it, her unfilled promise with him―― she had wanted to embrace him under a clear sky, in a place with no clouds in the way.

Madelyn had finally come into contact with Balleroy somewhere outside of that mountaintop.

Even so, thick clouds still hung over the sky, and the world was still covered in darkness.

Madelyn: [――What am I supposed to friggin’ do?]

Madelyn had no idea what she should do anymore.

She felt so, so much love, but for anything outside of that, she knew nothing at all.

She did not want to know, either.


A vortex of dusky clouds gathered in the sky with the Cloud Dragon as its center.

While looking up at that from the ground, all the hair on Garfiel’s body stood on end, and the blood flowing through his body boiled; an impulse from his instincts struck his brain.

Having endured the Dragon’s breath, his body was in the process of rapidly healing from the heatwave that had scorched him.

But, the destructive black clouds acted to entirely veil the heavens, and within them was concealed such excess power that Garfiel’s regeneration, and even the waning cityscape of the Imperial Capital that he had desperately protected, would all be reduced to naught.

Garfiel: [Them huge clouds, the whole fuckin’ lot of it’s made outta the Dragon’s Mana…!!!]

It was a concealed trick that had not been detected until Mezoreia stirred them about, causing them to change their nature.

The trump card of the Cloud Dragon that had been audaciously hidden, was currently baring its fangs against him like this; however, what was causing Garfiel’s heart to tremble was not the destruction that would be brought about by that cluster of mighty power, but rather the state of the Cloud Dragon controlling it.

The Cloud Dragon, Mezoreia―― no, he generally understood that there was a different being inside of it.

For a Dragon that had lived for however many centuries, soaring through the skies of this world over its long life, its words and actions were far too lacking in dignity.

That was an intuition of a completely different type to that of strength, and it was something that Garfiel understood since he knew Ryuzu, who, contrary to her youthful appearance, was of a personality that had lived for a very long time.

At the same time, Garfiel really felt how truly incredible Subaru’s order was.

Garfiel: [Captain, ya really told my amazin’ self to go ahead ‘n fell the Dragon flyin’ in the sky…]

Being pushed on the back to go and fight head-on against a Dragon, a being that was the strongest lifeform in the world, the fact that he was seen as reliable enough to be entrusted with that duty was absolutely tremendous.

The power he was granted by that had provided enough energy for Garfiel to return to reality from the incomprehensible theater he had seen while on the verge of death.

But, in a true sense, there was another meaning in Garfiel being sent here.

He did not know whether Subaru had aimed for that or not.

Either way, it mattered not. This Cloud Dragon, Mezoreia, needed to be faced by Garfiel, that was the sort of enemy it was.

The reason was――,

Garfiel: [――You’re strainin’ yerself ‘n cryin’ out, beggin’ for someone to protect yer world.]

As Mezoreia cried out, recklessly scrambling power together, it brought about a terribly unpleasant feeling of shame within Garfiel.

In the past, Garfiel had erupted on his surroundings with the same rage and anguish that Mezoreia currently harbored.

Back then, his friends had stopped him through sheer force, so now Garfiel had his current position and resolve, as well as a strong body with two legs to firmly stand upon.

Naturally, Garfiel and Mezoreia were of different positions, circumstances, and even races. That was why, Garfiel could not necessarily use the same solution on Mezoreia.

But, however, there was no basis that he could not use it.

In order to ascertain that, Garfiel had no choice but to make it lower its fangs and talk, much like what had been done for him.

For that purpose――,

Garfiel: [――Hk.]

Looking towards his hectic surroundings, Garfiel forcefully gnashed his fangs.

The protective wall was on the verge of collapse, and the previous breath of the Dragon had scorched the Imperial Capital, bringing it to a state of partial destruction.

Even if he wanted to reach Mezoreia, Garfiel could not reach all the way to the height of the clouds.

That was why, Garfiel gave up on the idea of doing things by himself.

Garfiel: [Pops!!]

Heinkel: [――. Ah?]

Garfiel looked back with an altered expression on his face, and in his vision, he saw Heinkel dumbfoundedly looking up at the sky, his backside having fallen down smack on the ground.

The blue eyes quivered, their focal point blurred, and as Garfiel saw himself reflected within them, he grabbed both of Heinkel’s shoulders.

Garfiel: [Lend me a hand! I need ya to do somethin’ to send me flyin’ all the way up there!]

Heinkel: [Fly… flying? Flying, you say? What the hell, what the hell are you saying!? There’s no way we could ever do something like that! Just how fucking high up do you think that is!]

As Garfiel yelled a request at him, Heinkel widened his eyes, and also yelled back a reply.

While trying to shake free from the hands grabbing his shoulders, Heinkel pointed overhead.

The thunderously stirring clouds shifted in hue, as if swallowing the color of the sky that lay beyond the black clouds, the color of the heavens was transformed into a purple, tinged with azure.

While Heinkel pointed at what could only be described as a natural disaster, with his face pale,

Heinkel: [It’s already over!]

Garfiel: [I ain’t gonna let it be over!]

Heinkel: [――Hk.]

Garfiel: [I ain’t gonna let anything end here! Both my amazin’ self ‘n Pops, we can’t lose!]

Firmly grasping his shoulders so that he could not shake the hands off, Garfiel made a powerful appeal to Heinkel.

Gulping down a breath, Heinkel’s cheeks stiffened. As his trembling finger pointed to the sky, the man’s opposite hand still remained gripped to his sword, and Garfiel had decided to believe in him.

Garfiel: [There ain’t no sense of reality right now. I know that, Pops. ――It’s just like it’s the end of the world.]

Narrowing his eyes as he muttered, with the ruin that had taken the form of a vortex of clouds high above him, Garfiel stared at the skies of the different battlefields in the distance, and nodded.

It truly seemed that every single location was a Tennozan that Subaru had spoken of.

Piercing the clouds in the north of the Imperial Capital, an iceberg plummeted downwards; in the northeast, there were flashes of a sword severing the very world itself, reaching the ramparts, and even the mountains beyond them. The eastern heavens and earth were composed of over one hundred shades of red; each and every battlefield was trying to bring about a different doom to the Empire.

But, Garfiel would not despair.

Garfiel: [Ain’t that right, Captain.]

Making a variety of faces, Subaru had chosen their method of battle against the impending doom.

And thus, in order to deal with doom at this location, Subaru had selected none other than Garfiel Tinzel as the strongest card to play.

Not Emilia, not Beatrice, not Roswaal, not Spica, not Halibel, not Olbart, not Tanza, not Medium, not Jamal. He had chosen Garfiel.

Garfiel: [――“Facing the Dragon, Sword Saint Reid laughs and draws blade”.]

Heinkel: […Don’t lump me in with that crazy ancestor of mine.]

Garfiel: [――“There’s no running from Reinhard”.]

Heinkel: [Don’t bring up that name! I’m! I’m…!]

Garfiel: [――――]

Heinkel: [I’m…]

At that place where heaven and earth were about to meet their doom, Heinkel covered his face with the hand that had been pointed to the heavens, and spilled that out in a feeble voice.

The words that lay beyond, Garfiel did not know. By some chance, perhaps Heinkel himself had yet to discover what lay beyond those words.

In that case――,

Garfiel: [――Pops, together with my amazin’ self, let’s go ‘n unlock the followin’ words that ya can’t seem to get out.]


Would imagining it even be possible?

The vast sky extended endlessly in all directions, and the clouds that blanketed it completely were all reduced into a hail of bullets and a forest of blades; the sight of that pouring down would be as if it were the end of the world.

Even now, that was what was on the verge of occurring.

However, different from the impression given by the phrasing of “a hail of bullets and a forest of blades”, the clouds of destruction bringing doom upon the world were not widely raining down across all the vast lands of the Empire, but rather, having been centralized in one swoop, they were about to all pierce one concentrated area.

――The vortex of black clouds twisted into a helix, forming an enormous cone that weaved into the heavenly skies.

That mighty shape was warped and ominous; however, in the one aspect that it was intended for destruction, there indeed lay beauty.

Spreading its white wings in the heavenly skies, the Cloud Dragon held its arms aloft, bringing about that structure of demise; contrary to its large build, the Dragon cried out like an infant as it unleashed that from its hands.

Cloud Dragon: [――Friggin’ disappear.]

That teary voice, whether it was directed to somebody on the surface, where destruction rained down, or if it was directed to the surface itself, which would likely be unable to withstand it and would be blown apart, or if it was not aimed at anybody or the surface at all, and was instead a punishment it was imposing upon itself, was unclear.

No matter the case, the result would be the same.

There were no means of defending against a trump card that had been prepared over a long period of time by a Dragon, the ultimate existence; nearly the entirety of the southern half of the Imperial Capital would be blown away, incurring many casualties, and carrying out the intentions of the Great Disaster.

The fall of the Imperial Capital, in regards to the disaster, would signify the total defeat of the Empire, and the unhalted hosts of undead would engulf the ruined land, heading for the remaining countries with their fervent vigor.

Thus, the world would be drawn into a chain of calamity that knew no bounds.

That, would be the unshakable conclusion for a world fallen into demise.

It was an ending that none save for some Witch, a manifestation of curiosity, would be pleased with, and the only ones able to negate it would be the undersized, yet courageous warriors that plunged towards their imminent demise――,

Courageous Warrior: [――――]

Feeling the presence of the vast lands within his soul before he took off, the courageous warrior gathered as much strength as he could, and coursed it all throughout his body.

His legs, having been firmly outstretched, rode atop a sword that remained in its sheath, and right after a moment of power equilibrium, it ferociously swung upward at full strength.

That had been an outstanding blow.

It was not wielded against the dreadfully mighty Dragon as an opponent, neither was it something that cut deep into the cone attempting to bring ruination to the world, nor did it utilize any of the skills that it had been used to train.

Eye contact had not even been made with the enemy; however, it had been an outstanding blow.

At the very least, that was the judgment of the courageous warrior, who had received that blow with the soles of his feet.

Whether that outstanding blow would go unrecorded, unremembered by anyone, was entirely up to him to prove, as he had been entrusted with the conclusion.

Cloud Dragon: [――――]

Beyond the incoming demise, he locked eyes with the Dragon as he ascended to the heavens.

Seeing those eyes tremble in a terribly frightened manner, a smile emerged on his face.

That smile was out of place, troublingly so.

That was immediately painted over by the smile of a belligerent, powerful, savage, ferocious tiger.

Courageous Warrior: [Have a taste of these fists.]

Using all of his strength, without holding back, he pummeled his fist into it.

He pummeled it, and then――,

Courageous Warrior: [Let my amazin’ self hear yer story. ――Just like how Captain ‘n the others once listened to mine.]

As stout arms of silver shot up, they crashed into the dark, cone-shaped clouds of ruin.

That instant, the folded layers of the sky and the spiraling black clouds erupted in an explosion bereft of sound, engulfing the world.

Courageous Warrior: [――――]

The result of the collision, was brought about to a world in which sound had vanished.

Just what sort of conclusion had been incurred, would likely take shape after a flicker of light.

Only, the sky that had been birthed beyond the collision, the sky from which the enshrouding black clouds had vanished, was blue.

In the past, a flying dragon rider had bestowed a name upon a lonely dragonkin; and, same as the color of the hair he had lovingly, cherishingly stroked many a time, sky-blue stretched out above, and that was all.


Translation Note:

[1] – The dialect being referred to is a quirk of Madelyn’s speech in Japanese, where she frequently attaches っちゃ (-ccha) to the ends of her sentences. In our translation, we typically add a frig’ or friggin’ to her speech in these cases, however it admittedly does not capture the essence of the Japanese speech quirk perfectly, and there isn’t much that can be done in English in this regard.

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        So dragons arent sad or angry by reid but are still insulted enough to fight him when other dragons are killed and they dont care about preserving their race but run away when they realize their situation is bad because most of the dragons are dead. Survival means victory BUT they dont care if dragons survive. They automatically know dragons are superior but they look down on dragons who stayed.

        If anything they wouldnt of bothered to run away if theyre so sure theyre superior and what about the ones who stayed and SURVIVED? If anything the ones who stayed maybe thought they didnt need to runaway because theyre automatically superior. Maybe they dont think theyre risking any thing. In fact they survived making them more admirable. Instead the escaped dragons thought the ones who stayed are undragonlike. Dragons who only care about themself independently,dont care about the dragon race and autoamtically know dragons are superior really care about if other dragons fall in line with dragonlike thinking.

        Third Question

        You just cut out my reasoning for my question andrepeated what the story said

        1. Who is inferior
        2.then why not stick to theyre original body. Why need to adapt??
        3. So then why they look down on the ones who stayed and did that??

        Fourth Question
        Good point, But Marilyn knows Balroy is a Dragonrider. She should of known Balroy knows what dragonkin are

        1. First&Second
          Right!? Like, the Dragons thought process was full of contradiction and logical leaps. I can understand their logic at a basic level but it just feels insane/inhuman. Maybe that’s what’s Tappei going for?

          Third Question
          1. I don’t understand what you mean. Please clarify
          2. It was never stated. Maybe they did it to be among humans and not be treated as monsters. Maybe they thought if they looked like humans Reid wouldn’t kill them. Who knows? Never stated. Maybe Tappei will give us the answer in the future.
          3. Obviously, the ones who gave birth to dragonkin got hollowed. The Dragons lost their minds, as such the other Dragons saw it as a stupid decision. Hell, even I see it as a stupid decision. Well to be fair the Dragons who gave birth to dragonkin probably didn’t know about the consequences. Also, I already explained why the Dragons looked down on the ones who stayed on the continent in my first comment.

          Fourth Question
          Ok? What does this prove exactly? Cause we’re looking at Madelyn’s thought process here. It’s all her assumption that Balleroy would have brought her if she was a big scary dragon. When in reality, I highly doubt Balleroy would have asked for help even if Madelyn was a big scary dragon.

          1. First&second

            Their entire lore is inconsistant, not really a good idea to do the when introducing it for the first time

            Third Question

            1. Since reid is inferior human the dragons shouldnt even have the idea to change to look like them
            2. whichis why im saying its doesnt make sense. 1 and 2 are connected
            3. And i explained why its inconsistant which you even agree with me in the First Question. The ones who stayed only got hollow because they did it to fast.. the actual changing body shape to adapt with modern times is apparently in line with dragon thinking so there shouldnt be a problem but tappei says there which is bipolar

            Fourth Question

            Because if im madilyn and I know Balroy is a dragonrider then i know BALROY KNOWS how dragonkins arent weak like normal humans. THATS what it proves

    2. I’m pretty late in replying, but from what I understood:

      1. You’re right that the Dragons don’t care about preserving their race, but they do care about preserving themselves, that’s why they ran away

      2. Because they are prideful, the Dragons only fight for survival, rather than to prove their superiority which is already a self-evident fact that doesn’t need to be proven. But the Dragons who stayed behind didn’t fight Reid for survival, but to prove their superiority, which was a pointless and prideless act from the runaway Dragons’ pov.

      3. Read the text carefully. Those so called hermit Dragons didn’t directly take part in the battle against Reid and Sekhmet, but they still risked their lifes by remaining behind, knowing very well that Reid could come anytime hunting for their meat. They did this cuz they got attached to the lands, not to survive. That’s why they were prideless from the surviving Dragons’ pov.

      4. I’m guessing you think that being superior is the same as being stronger. But from what I’ve read so far Dragons don’t think so. For them, being superior has nothing to do with being stronger or weaker. If anything, they openly acknowledged Reid’s strength and created the dragonkin with his form in mind. I am guessing Dragons themselves only instinctually understand that they are superior, and that understanding remains unchanged regardless of whether there is someone better than them or not. They are most likely talking about superior souls or something rather than physical superiority. And the runaway Dragons don’t look down on the remaining Dragons because they decided to evolve into dragonkin, they look down on them because they chose to cling to the land and tried to prove something unnecessary.

      5. I think this was mentioned before, but while dragonkins are superior to almost every other living thing out there, their power was still weaker than in their Dragon forms. That’s why Madelin called her human form weak, cuz she was comparing it to Mezoreia’s form which was obviously stronger

  8. What an incredible chapter! I’m excited to see how Madelyn’s development will progress and if Garfiel can save her like he was saved at the Sanctuary. It’d be cool to see them becoming friends similarly to Subaru and Cecilus.

  9. So, who is Vollachia Dragonkin ? I wonder if we’ll meet them in the futur !
    But all these explaination about Dragon and Dragonkin really cleared up Vollachia state in Arc 6.

  10. Someone refresh my memory. Why is everyone’s hypothesis Patrasche? And are we seriously implying she’s more literally a member of Subaru’s harem then I’ve been giving her credit for this whole time? She just needs to evolve into her human form? Ay-yi-yi.

  11. So everyone realized Volcanica must have a dragon kin , I understand why people would expect it to be Patrasche since Volcanica recognized her. However, could it be Capella? she has a similar body composition to Madelyn, and most of all the dragon blood and the fact that Capella really likes to take the shape of aspects of Dragons. How her royal heritage fits in would have to be explained, but 1. she’s a shape shifter so that could not even be her real form for all we know 2. the royal family was said to be close to the Volcanica so they might’ve taken her in after Volcanica made his dragon kin in the image of the royal family . She’s actually the first person that came to mind.

  12. Man the lore in this chapter was a bit hit and miss not gonna lie, same with the fight. I feel like it could have been much better having the development be on Heinkel’s side rather than Garf’s who should be already at max after his past arcs. Plus Heinkel’s growth could connect a bit with lore about dragons which has a lot to do with Reid in the past? I mean this is fine but cmon Tappei you can do better than this.

    1. Wdym, this is a new start for heinkel and its after this that i want to have a heinkel named chapter

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