Arc 8, Chapter 56 – “Arakiya”


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――Without being told by anyone. Arakiya swallowed it down.

Arakiya: [――――]

With great throbbing, the sound of flowing blood flooded in the form of pain.

That heartbeat pounded faster than it had during the midst of battle, with each thump of the heart becoming a shock akin to a nail being driven directly into the soul, which surged throughout her entire body. Yet, it eased Arakiya’s mind.

Knowing that the heart still pumped blood, signified that she still retained her human form.

Even if it had been just a minor comfort akin to margin of error, it was necessary for Arakiya to keep herself from becoming stirred, to keep her soul from scattering.

――For the unique beings known as Spirit Eaters, none other than Arakiya existed in this world.

Born from the extreme delusions of individuals who could not be called researchers, but rather aberrants; the taboo existence that was the Spirit Eater―― named Arakiya, had been kept alive as a sole being under a destiny shared with no one else in this world.

In a daringly diluted ego, Arakiya, who had clung only to the existence of the “pillar” that she deemed important to herself, had devoured spirits, acted as a formidable being, and fulfilled her role.

She had thought that was enough.

However, it was not as she had realized, upon losing said “pillar”.

By the time she had realized it, it would have already been too late; she would have likely invited the original end of a Spirit Eater, the quick collapse of the ego, being consumed by the Spirits she had taken in, and her soul being painted over.

However, Arakiya did not meet that fate. For that, two factors could be considered.

One was that the individual Arakiya had deemed as her “pillar” was like a dazzling sun, shining so brightly that even when they were separated, they could not lose sight of them.

The other reason, and one that Arakiya would never want to admit―― in the days after being separated from her “pillar“, the Thunder that reminded Arakiya of the fact that she was herself shook her soul incessantly, evoking feelings of inferiority and stimulating her individuality.

Bathed in the light of the dazzling sun, accompanied by the incessant Thunder, Arakiya had preserved her own soul.

???: [――And, that is the conclusion I have come to, but I would like to hear if you have any awareness of it.]

Arakiya: […No.]

It was the year when Arakiya surpassed Olbart in rank and was promoted to Second.

Chisha’s opinion, based on his search relating to the remaining literature on the Spirit Eater, had etched a stern expression on Arakiya’s face; the first time ever in their long acquaintance.

That was understandable. Chisha was intelligent, and his explanations were clear, but his perspective had been difficult for Arakiya to accept.

Arakiya herself only understood her existence as a Spirit Eater on a sensory level, yet she had wanted to believe that her entirety was made solely of Prisca.

She did not want that hopeful wish to be diluted by the least desirable components of all.

To begin with――,

Arakiya: […Why did you bring that up?]

As she questioned, it was surprising in itself that Chisha had broached such a topic.

Arakiya’s “pillar”, Prisca―― the fact that she had exceptionally escaped from the Imperial Selection Ceremony, having been allowed to leave the country alive, was a closely guarded secret even within the Vollachian Empire.

At the time, it was natural for Arakiya and Chisha, who were involved in her exile, to know, but it had been a topic they had not spoken of for years, and something not to be mentioned to anyone else.

So why, at this moment, had Chisha chosen to bring it up?

Chisha: [I want to know whether you are a fragile, ephemeral, and vanishing existence or not. Whether I ought to count you among the numbers for the impending great battle.]

Arakiya: […It makes no sense. I’m one of the Nine Divine Generals.]

It was only natural that they would be sent to put down the rebellion or whatever that Chisha and Vincent were predicting.

However, at Arakiya’s response, Chisha’s eye twitched downwards, forming an unusual expression on his face. It was a smile seldom seen from Chisha, who had almost always wore an expression of either blankness or bewilderment.

With that smile, striking Arakiya in a moment of vulnerability, Chisha continued.

Chisha: [It seems like this battle will end up being a little bigger than the battle you are thinking of. I am well aware that you do not truly serve His Excellency from the depths of your heart, nor do you consider me an ally.]

Arakiya: [――――]

Chisha: [Even though I know it to be true, it still stings a bit not to be denieeed.]

Arakiya: […For the sake of the princess, I will not disappear.]

Without acknowledging Chisha’s reaction as he touched his forehead, Arakiya ran her hand over her eyepatch.

For the reason as to why she was herself, the soul known as Arakiya had a proper answer. The concerns Chisha had would not come to pass. So although it was not to reassure Chisha, she declared.

Arakiya: [Also, that has nothing to do with Cecilus.]

Chisha: [Hm. Those are merely my deductiooons. If you really want to have me recognize that such is not the case, I would like for you to defeat Cecilus at least once.]

Cecilus: [Huuuuuh? Weren’t you talking about me just now? What’s this what’s this, it’s rather unkind for Anya and Chisha to treat me like I’m an outsider so I’d like you to stop with that please? Could it be you’re on about that? About the slim chances of winning for Anya, who keeps extending her losing streak without learning her lesson?]

Arakiya: [Cecilus, die.]

In the end, a clash with Cecilus began right after, and Chisha, who had wanted to avoid being involved, fled, so the conversation did not progress further.

Afterwards, she had no recollection of ever continuing the conversation with Chisha.

Arakiya: [――――]

Just a vague thought crossed her mind.

Just when would the impending great battle that Chisha was concerned about come? And when it did, would she be counted among his forces?

If the opportunity ever arose, she would like to ask about it.

Arakiya had been acquainted with Chisha for a long time now.

Due to their relationship, which stemmed from the Imperial Selection Ceremony where she had been separated from Prisca; Arakiya harbored unforgiveness towards Chisha, who had been deeply involved in the reasons behind her separation with Prisca.

However, Chisha had taught Arakiya how to read and write. She owed him a debt. For that favor, she was willing to participate in battles Chisha desired her to.

――Or perhaps, was this too going to end up being attributed to reasons other than Prisca?

She hated Cecilus. Vincent was complicated, but she leaned towards not forgiving him due to what happened to Prisca. Olbart was amusing with his jokes. Goz had a comical face. Groovy had a foul mouth but was actually very helpful, while Moguro would always listen to what she had to say without making unpleasant faces. Yorna was not her cup of tea, yet for some reason she was unable to hate her. Balleroy would occasionally take her for a ride on his flying dragon, and she felt like Madelyn and herself mutually tried to avoid seeing each other. To Todd, she was grateful.

――Would all of these also end up being attributed to reasons other than Prisca?

Arakiya: [――――]

Feeling as though she was about to fall apart, like she was about to be torn to shreds, as if losing every last part of herself that she could remember, Arakiya gathered up the fragments of “Arakiya”.

If she did not do so, the existence known as herself would disappear―― that was not the case.

Arakiya: […ncess.]

Without doing so, she would be unable to restrain what was ramping within, on the verge of bursting out of her.

It was tremendously colossal. Unbelievably heavy. Intolerably twisted. If left unchecked, it would destroy the Empire.

If she could not keep it under control, her “pillar”―― Prisca, would not be protected.

That was why Arakiya, without being told by anyone, swallowed it down. Into her own incomparably thin and small body, she took the Stone, Muspel.

The Empire must not be destroyed by the monster who called herself a Witch, utilizing this Great Spirit.

For that purpose――,

???: [I guess she probably ate something bad. ――You really are a handful.]

The noisy Thunder felt like a hallucination, piecing together a torn-apart soul.

While being tormented by the loss and pain akin to a thundercloud, Arakiya continued to scramble together, scramble together, scramble together the fragments of “Arakiya”, resisting against the dispersion of her turbulent existence.

She continued to resist, and endured. ――Clinging to her soul on the verge of destruction, she awaited the one and only hope.


The counting was growing tiresome, but it was their habit to do so.

Daring to go into the details of numbers could trivialize the reality one faced―― not to say that it would be a clever thing to do. Without such a mentality, it really was just a habit.

The habit of counting continued. ――This was the one hundred and ninety-first time.

???: [It’s getting tiresome being way too ordinary of a dude…]

Al muttered to himself as he felt the heat build up inside his helmet, sweat soaking the inside.

On the stage of the melted second bastion, the vain struggles of the out-of-place actor with a minor role continued. The atmosphere wobbled unsteadily due to the effects of the heat wave that engulfed the surrounding area, clearly transforming the space into something from a different dimension.

Humans would not be able to adapt to a world being remade into hell with every passing moment.

Trees and buildings were set ablaze, and grit and pieces of the street had begun to melt. His palm gripping the dao made a sizzling sound, and he was unsure if even his clothing would ignite at any moment.

The circumstances they found themselves in were such that by just standing there it would not at all be strange for them to be turned into a ball of flames the next moment. In fact, more than once or twice, that had been the case.

And yet, in spite of these incredibly harsh circumstances――,

???: [Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta――!!]

The leading actor furiously ran over the bubbling, boiling magma, maneuvering at a speed that could have been mistaken for a lightning bolt.

With his disheveled, deep dark blue hair dancing, running with his bright pink kimono fluttering was Cecilus Segmunt, the flamboyant, self-proclaimed leading actor of the world.

His speed as he sprinted over the magma, his incredible leg strength that one would not expect from a slender child’s legs, his seemingly inexhaustible stamina, and his courage to cross paths with an enemy that could remake the world in the blink of an eye, and the power of fate, were all first-class.

Declaring the world to be his stage, and placing himself in the role of leading actor, Cecilus was conscious of his appearance to an unseen audience and fulfilled himself in a way that did not shy away from those grandiose claims.

Who else could possibly mount a fight against such a powerful, extraordinary opponent?

Cecilus: [――Toh!]

With a high-pitched shout characteristic of a child, Cecilus’s body flew at an angle.

A moment after he leapt, the ground where he had been just before swelled up and exploded from within. Taking advantage of the blast, Cecilus twisted in midair as he was propelled.

With that, a lightning kick that could blow away even a stone pillar as thick as a giant tree trunk flew toward the silver-haired dogperson―― Arakiya, who floated in midair.

Arakiya: [――Ah, uh.]

With her exposed brown skin, Arakiya’s jewel-like red eyes shed tears of blood.

The soles of Cecilus’s charred zori flew straight at her torso as she let out a cry, looming, looming ever closer―― at the moment of impact, a loud sound detonated in the sky.

Cecilus: [~~Hk!!]

Immediately afterward, slamming down faster than when he had jumped up, Cecilus plunged to the ground and bounced violently on the street, squelching a cry of pain as he raised his head.

A moment later, blood gushed from his pale forehead, turning the small child’s face red.

Cecilus: [You’ve finally gotten to the point where you’re matching me perfectly, huh.]

Licking the blood that trickled down the well-shaped bridge of his nose, Cecilus commented on the fact that he had been successfully parried.

There was no hint of surprise in that. Because, this was not the first time she had parried him.

Already a dozen or so times, Cecilus’s lightning-swift attacks had been countered, and continued to be shot down. As a result, the situation was rapidly becoming severely unfavorable.

Al: [Lil’ Miss Arakiya is in quite a sorry state.]

Looking for an opening to intervene, Al saw Arakiya floating in the air, distorting the space around her.

Arakiya’s appearance, it was even more bizarre than it had been just a few moments earlier, with magic crystals growing out of the thin girl’s body as if piercing from within.

From a distance, the growths on Arakiya’s arms and back resembled the wings of an angel.

However, in reality, Arakiya had absorbed an exceedingly large entity, and it was attempting to devour through and spill out from the body of the girl in which it was trapped.

Al: [Fuck.]

As Arakiya’s choice gradually eroded her power and made her deviate from her human form, Al could do nothing but curse and vent his uncontrollable anger.

He knew what it was like wanting to compensate for a lack of power, falling short of achieving one’s own desires.

Al could imagine that Arakiya had the potential to reach much greater heights than himself, and that there were numerous possibilities within her reach.

Nevertheless, by taking in something that did not mesh with her own capacity, Arakiya’s own brilliance would instead turn against herself, her surroundings, and the things she wanted to cherish.

And so, the simple answer that came in reciprocation was the current situation.

――Initially, Cecilus was the one who had possessed the upper hand in the fight against Arakiya.

In order to hold back Arakiya, who had turned into something dangerous that could blow away the second bastion and erase the entire Imperial Capital in its entirety, Cecilus fanned his stinging hostility against her, setting the stage by continuing to provoke her intuitive sense of danger.

To put it plainly, this was a battle of two transcendent beings who were not just one or two steps above as warriors, but rather ten.

Al had stayed behind, but he retained little capacity to intervene; still, out of close to two hundred attempts, he had been able to prevent Cecilus’s limbs from being blown off on two occasions.

All the while, Arakiya was like a glass of water being endlessly overfilled, overflowing and spewing water at random, greatly endangering the lives of both Al and Cecilus.

But, even if this all were to repeat itself, which would of course happen by Al using the cheat of his territory, it would never be possible to capture Cecilus as he jumped around as a being outside of reason.

However, the situation had changed.

This was due to the aforementioned increasing deformity of Arakiya, which had immediately changed her fighting style.

Cecilus: [――Come to me!]

Raising a vigorous cry, full of belligerence, Cecilus’s eyes gleamed as he wiped away some blood.

A moment later, the area around Cecilus distorted, and twisted pillars of stone burst forth from all directions like giant serpents and attacked the boy. Cecilus crouched down, jumped away, and twisted to avoid the stone pillars that were furiously trying to snap at him, and the speed at which he leaped out of the way surged up to his top speed.

But, while shedding tears of blood, Arakiya’s onslaught did not let the lightning escape.

As he kicked from the earth, the ground following Cecilus’s path swelled as he accelerated, creating a series of huge arms of stone and earth that grabbed at the boy as if to crush him.

Cecilus: [Unfortunately, touching the actors on the stage is strictly prohibited!]

Saying so wittily, Cecilus used the constructed arms that swung down like flyswatters as a foothold to break through, running up into the sky like they were a staircase; he reversed direction when he had secured altitude, and using the stone fists that were trying to strike him, he jumped toward Arakiya again.


Cecilus: [I messed up――!]

He received a strike from a huge stone fist that would have turned a normal person into a plume of blood with the soles of his zori, killing the fatal impact by using his whole body as a spring, and Cecilus screamed as he flew away using only the momentum he had received.

As Cecilus surged toward Arakiya with the force of a ballistic missile, a white light was created in his path of attack, and Cecilus, with nowhere to escape in the sky, dove toward Arakiya himself――,

Al: [Oooooh!]

With a howl, Al raised the dao, and he slammed the blade forth before Cecilus could jump into the light.

Instantly, after receiving a direct hit from the dao, the light flashed strongly for a moment, engulfing and obliterating the bodies of the approaching Al and Cecilus――,

×  ×  ×

Cecilus: [I messed up――!]

Receiving the giant fist of rock with the bottom of his zori, Cecilus, stealing only the momentum, shouted as he flew like a ballistic missile.

Before his shout could be uttered, Al pointed the tip of his dao into the empty air, and,

Al: [Donaa!!]

Compared to Arakiya, the difference in their magic was like the difference between the moon and snot, but the stone shards that he produced ran through the sky, crushing the jutting light of destruction that was about to be born.

For a moment, a strong flash burned Al’s eyes even through his helmet, but it was not powerful enough to end Al’s life, much less Cecilus’s speed.

Cecilus: [Al-san, let’s do this!!]

The burst of light was instantly recognizable as to whose work it was, and Cecilus, relieved that his life had been saved, instantly swallowed down his emotion and charged toward Arakiya.

He raised his right hand in the form of a karate chop, with a sharpness that surpassed even a semi-famous sword. It flashed through the air, striking Arakiya, who had grown wings of magical crystals, at an angle――,

Al: [――Hk!]

At that moment, Al had a vision of, without exaggeration, a thunderclap and the sky being torn asunder.

In fact, it was not a vision, but rather the shockwave from Cecilus’s karate chop that went out from behind him, tearing a clinching blow into a group of buildings that were on the verge of collapse, leading to the collapse of the entire area.

But, however, Arakiya had received that karate chop in question.

Arakiya: [――――]

Glaring, her blood-red eyes moved to look at Cecilus, who was just a few feet away.

Despite receiving a powerful karate chop to the forehead, Arakiya maintained her body in mid-air without even showing the slightest tremor, and in return, she raised her magic crystal wings――,

Arakiya: [――――]

Immediately after those thin lips produced a faint sound, a blow fatally gouged Cecilus.


Moment by moment, as time flowed, elapsed, passed, “Arakiya” was disappearing.

Gradually feeling her existence, the whereabouts of her soul, being painted over, amidst the pain and anguish, Arakiya earnestly tried to recall the radiance of her Sun.

An obstreperous existence she had been. Despite having been created at the end of many sacrifices, she had been indifferent as to what would happen after she was created, and had been a dangerous object with nowhere to go.

While not knowing how to make effective or proper use of such a frightening being, that girl had calmly lined Arakiya up adjacent to the life she was leading, and had confidently told her to accompany herself.

Just why, why had she been able to try to oppose that perfected magnificence?

It should not have been possible for feelings of resistance or opposition to bud. That girl was the representation of everything Arakiya believed to be correct, and her very existence was the meaning in Arakiya’s birth.

In order to not let her lose that radiance, in order to not lose what she thought was beautiful about that radiance, she chose to leave her side, thinking it to be necessary, and somehow managed to endure the thought of being separated.

The reason she had endured, endured, endured it all, was because she believed that the Sun would rise once more.

――So long as she could protect the new day’s dawn, it would be fine if she herself could not bask in the rays of the rising Sun.

Recklessly crying out, whining that she could not place her hands upon it, while eyes of disappointment were directed towards her by none other than her Sun, that was when she had finally arrived at this conclusion.

She thought she had been forsaken by the Sun.

She thought the Sun would no longer shine upon herself.

However, facing off in the decisive battle for the Imperial Capital, directing the Yang Sword towards a sobbing Arakiya, the Sun―― Prisca, had not cut Arakiya down with that treasured sword of crimson.

Afterwards, while surrounded by the servants of the Great Disaster that had appeared, she ought to have been able to flee. But, in exchange for Arakiya’s safety, she had chosen to be captured.

Those innermost feelings, that dazzling gleam, had not changed in the slightest.

If Prisca had remained unchanged, then Arakiya also desired for her oath to remain invariant.

――Prisca Benedict.

The Vollachian Empire’s symbol of a Sun that had set, yet would rise again.

When thinking of her, Arakiya could remain as “Arakiya”.

Arakiya could delay the limit for her soul growing hotter, and bursting apart.

However, even if her love and loyalty to Prisca was eternal, that limit could not be extended forever.

She was detaining a being that would engulf her, and would fully overtake her presence.

While Arakiya continued to resist that disgrace to her mind, the being that was even now borrowing Arakiya’s body was amplifying its destruction in the real world, to which she did not have room to turn her attention.

The destruction would only become more refined, the ruination would only gain more momentum, and it was only a matter of time before a full collapse.

Stagnating for a long period of however many centuries, the Stone did not pay any mind, even if a part of its power was being utilized in conflicts between humans, nor if it was being used for the enrichment of human activities―― when it had entered the fragile vessel known as Arakiya, it had learned to resist against disappearing.

The Great Spirit that had been taken in by Arakiya was displaying defensive instincts that it likely would not have employed were it in its original form, and ironically enough, it was strengthening its level of threat in order to protect the vessel of Arakiya.

Arakiya: [――――]

Somebody, somebody was fighting in order to stop Arakiya; she could feel it.

It seemed like, because somebody was causing Arakiya’s power to be somewhat exhausted, the brakes were being pulled on “Arakiya” fading away.

But, it was insufficient. Merely weakening her, merely keeping her in check, was insufficient.

In order to interfere with the objective of the Great Disaster, Arakiya had devoured it.

The Great Spirit, which would resign itself to the will of others regardless of what was done to it, upon being taken in by Arakiya, had learned the fear known as losing oneself.

Only one push was needed. After one more push, the Great Spirit would understand.

In order to keep “Arakiya” from disappearing, the Sun was required.

And, in order for “Arakiya” to fulfill her oath, something else was required. ――Thunder, was.

Somebody, somebody was fighting in order to stop Arakiya; she could feel it.

It was insufficient. That somebody, was insufficient. Just who in particular was needed, she knew.

That was why, while Arakiya was on the verge of bursting apart, she waited in hope.

――For Thunder, for reverberations of real Thunder, she waited in hope.


Arakiya: [――Kill me, Cecilus.]

The moment he heard that, of all the things that could happen, his thoughts came to a standstill.

Having slammed a karate chop into his opponent with all his might, he received a stare back as if it had been utterly ineffective, and immediately after, as the beautiful girl sobbed out tears of blood, she made such an entreaty in a feeble voice.

Cecilus: [――――]

Then, faster than he could digest that muttering, Cecilus received a powerful blow to the chest.

The girl’s slender arms were essentially blades due to the sharpness of the magic crystals that densely grew on them, and alas, Cecilus’s slim chest was mercilessly cut open, staining his favorite kimono with blood as he began to fall.

Pain, was present. Awareness that he had blundered, was present. Signs of being in a huge pinch, were more than present.

However, more so than the wound that bore deep into him, more so than the blood that drew a trail through the air, he was unable to avert his gaze from the pitiful eyes and face of the girl from whom he was growing distant, unable to avert his gaze from the words that had been said――.

???: [■■!!] / [■■■■.] / [■●■●■●■.] / [■■■■●●■■.] / [●●●■■■.] / [――■■.] / [●●●●●!!] / [■■■●■●●■■●●.] / [●●…■.] / [●●■■●■■●●.] / [●■●■●■●■.] / [●●■●■●●●■■●――!]

Cecilus: [――My sincerest apologies but I beg you all to be quiet!!]

In that moment, Cecilus made a firm appeal to the incessantly audible voices of the audience.

???: [――――]

Normally, Cecilus would never have done anything like silence the voices of the audience.

He would use the incoming voices as a rousing basis to raise his own motivation, and at all times he would just calmly allow them to go in one ear and out the other as they spoke to him.

That, he had silenced. Quiet, even with the troublesome pain, he wished for quiet.

Cecilus: [――――]

While plummeting, Cecilus continued to stare at the girl amidst the silence as the audience hushed their voices.

Suffering as she shed tears of blood, the girl’s sorrowful appeals took the form of destroying the world, and in the midst of groaning out cries that bore no meaning, she was finally able to interject her own desire.

The fact that it had been none other than his own name, could have undoubtedly been called the destiny of the leading actor.


Cecilus: [――“Kill me”, you said, now that’s something I can’t let slide.]

More so than the pain or shock, he found it difficult to accept the way in which the words had been put together, so Cecilus clenched his teeth.

That moment, he bent his knees and rolled as he fell head-first towards the ground, and as he attempted to secure a safe landing, he evaded, evaded, evaded the chain of stone pillars that targeted his destination, leaping as his heels grazed the surface of the ground.

And then, he lifted his head.

Cecilus: [I don’t think those words were meant for me.]

Of course, he did not think that there was anybody else present who was called Cecilus.

However, he fully understood that the person to whom the crying girl had called out, to whom she had entrusted her wish, was not himself. ――That was overwhelmingly aggravating.

The most important bout, the gamble on which all would be staked, the decisive scene, the time to rise to the occasion, any phrasing would do fine.

With such a moment, such a scene, such a climax having been prepared, there was no way it would have been fine for the Cecilus Segmunt who had been called out there to have been somebody other than himself.


Al: [――Cecilus! You, that wound…]

Cecilus: [I’ve made up my mind, Al-san.]

Having suffered a serious wound, Cecilus’s figure was shedding blood, and seeing that, Al uttered out a voice as he fastened his dao to his neck for some reason. Responding to him, Cecilus tore off a strip from his ripped kimono, and using it as a string, he tied back his disarrayed, blue hair.

Then, giving a smile, he looked up at the weeping girl―― at the heroine, and declared.

Cecilus: [Bear witness, Observers of the heavens above. ――Witness the choices the world shall make.]

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