Arc 8, Chapter 57 – “Cecilus Segmunt”


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――Cecilus Segmunt was a Stargazer.

This opening passage has already been used, and thus it is rejected.

――Cecilus Segmunt was the leading actor of this world.

This is a fact that continues to be proven through how he enthralled others with his actions rather than it simply being told, so it is rather unsophisticated.

――Cecilus Segmunt was entirely unique within this world.

This point is not limited to just Cecilus, and thus is headache-inducing.

――Cecilus Segmunt was Cecilus Segmunt.

This is the most suitable definition, and thus it shall be used as the opening this time around.

In that case――,


――Cecilus Segmunt was Cecilus Segmunt.

Sworn to the Tenchi Shinmei, this fact served as the absolute, unshakable foundation of Cecilus. [1]

No matter what had happened to his body, even if there used to be an adult version of himself, as the people around him were saying, who was a handsome young man with a blossoming appearance and with limbs longer than he had now, that was already the Before Cecilus, and in this current moment, there existed no Cecilus Segmunt other than his own individual self.

Therefore, he would prove it.

Cecilus: [Bear witness, Observers of the heavens above. ――Witness the choices the world shall make.]

Having finished tightly tying up his hair with a strip from his clothes, he firmly slapped his cheeks with his empty hands.

Cecilus rarely used this method of motivating himself, but it was very important in playwriting for a change in feelings to be easy for anybody to see. By interposing this sort of depiction, the people watching would be made aware of the actor’s feelings on the stage, and of the fact that the play was progressing to the next scene.

Then, as Cecilus cocked his head with a “Come to think of it”,

Cecilus: [You guys are surprisingly reasonable, everyone. I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if you resumed with your usual chatter.]

???: [●●■▼●■●!] / [▼■■――] / [■■■■■!!] / [▲■■▲●●●■▲●●▲▼■●▲■■●●●.] / [●■●●■■■!] / [――▲▼▲.] / [●●▲▼▲●●.] / [■●▲●■■●●▲■●! ●■●! ▲▼■!] / [●●■■■▼●■――]

That instant, the voices of the audience that had been forced into silence exploded, and while Cecilus nodded internally at their usual operations, he got back into his flow.

Being glued to him at all times, their presence was something that continued to fulfill Cecilus’s need for approval, and silencing them like that was the first time he had done so. It was an unthinkable action even for himself, but it was also certainly quite surprising that they would actually keep silent like that.

He was quite pleased by that fact, and it served as a good sign of things to come.

After all――,

Cecilus: [――I’m about to go triumph over an opponent who underestimated me.]

Right after he stated thus, a flash of light bore into Cecilus’s face.

Al: [Ceci――]

Witnessing Cecilus’s face being pierced right in the center of his broad smile, Al raised his voice.

As he rushed over, he was about to exert force onto his Blue Dragon Sword that was fastened to his neck for some reason when he saw that figure of Cecilus. But, he desisted.

The image of Cecilus, pierced by the light, blurred, and he realized that what had died was an afterimage.

And then――,

Cecilus: [It’d be better for you to distance yourself a bit.]

Right after that reached Al’s eardrums, the afterimage of Cecilus flicked away, and a shock wave expanded.

The sound that was delivered lagged behind the flash of light, causing the space to rupture, and as it expanded as if to chase the expanding destruction, covering a distance of ten-odd meters, it blew open a round crater in the street which no longer retained its original form.

Al: [Woahhhhhh!?]

As Al was caught up in the aftershock yielded by the attack, his scream trailed off, but that was not captured in the corner of Cecilus’s vision as he headed forward. Only, he did not completely ignore Al’s presence, either.

Acquiring information of his surroundings such as Al’s conduct and physical ability until now, along with how his previous position and scream were getting further away, as a natural result on stage derived from the nature of the opponent’s attack, Cecilus envisioned the figure of the unseen Al in the theater of his mind.

In all likelihood, that was exactly what had happened. That was because his current state was the best for putting on a show.

――Although actors would not be able to see every position on the stage at all times, it was absolutely crucial for them to constantly be aware of the happenings at every last corner of the stage.

That sensation expanded―― no, the scope of the imaginary field of vision within his brain expanded.

Cecilus established his own position as center-stage, and directed the stage effects as well as the performance of the actors cast into the roles to his own liking; that was to say, he was running at breakneck speed towards the actualization of the most shining developments throughout the entire world.

Cecilus: [――――]

As Cecilus ran on the border between life and death, the figure of the heroine floating above only grew more grotesque.

Unperturbed even when suffering the full strength of Cecilus’s karate chops, the heroine had many small magic crystals growing in her slender shoulders and arms, and her appearance had turned into one that gave the fantastical illusion of being clad with sparkling wings.

What was particularly eye-catching about that figure, which could even be called beautiful, were the belts of light gently caressing the sky that floated around the heroine―― those were magic crystals of thin and flat construction.

Due to some sort of principle, one of the belts of magical nature was illuminated in turn by the flaming cityscape, swimming through the sky on a silky trajectory that could sway with the wind; that instant, it was fired towards Cecilus, cutting through the world.

The same attack that had blown Al away earlier, that approached Cecilus’s face once more, his eyes gleaming, and approaching, approaching――,

Cecilus: [――Lick. I see, now this is a peculiar flavor. I guess it should be called gemstone flavor?]

That instant, Cecilus stuck out the tip of his tongue, and he ascertained the taste of the belt of light that was about to bore into his face right before evading it. The sensation his tongue perceived was hard yet soft, and the flavor was, as stated, close to that of a gemstone.

It was just like the flavor one would get if they were to put a gemstone that resembled hard candy into their mouth, and the following disappointment―― namely, those were the belts of jewels the heroine was clad in.

Cecilus: [Come to think of it, you started off by sending light and fire flying and then swapped to pillars of stone and limbs of earth along the way. Are these jewels the next progression of that… they are truly quite elegant so I like it! How splendid oh how splendid, the feeling of climax is rising!]

Retracting the tongue that had licked the belt, Cecilus roared with laughter at his surge of morale.

In this eleventh hour, in this decisive bout, he was filled with awe that his opponent was a heavenly maiden clad in a feathered robe of gemstones. And in addition, he had gone and formulated his own understanding from the results of their earlier combat.

The karate chops that Cecilus had unleashed at lightning speed, they had the might to split an iron castle in twain, let alone a wall of stone. But, though he could not say for sure, he had heard that among gemstones, there were some that were harder than even those materials.

That was to say, the heroine whom Cecilus was opposing was――,

Cecilus: [――The heavenly maiden of diamond!!]

Right after he uttered those words, belts of diamond were fired from the feathered robe of the heavenly maiden.

With a flash, the belts of light closed in as they bisected the world―― they numbered around twelve, eleven if the one he had licked and evaded was excluded, but they surrounded Cecilus from eleven different directions as they assailed in an effort to kill him.

It was a domain undoubtedly tesselating with Death itself, and it was the kind of intense battle where one would have to dodge raindrops amidst a storm――,

Cecilus: [If that’s what’s needed! Whether it’s drops of rain or grains of sand, let’s dodge them!]

The eleven lines separating life and death ran amok, one more made its return, making it twelve lines, and evading those, evading, evadinginginginginginginginginging――.

If one hit him, it would be fatal, if it was fatal, it would fall to ruin, if it fell to ruin, curtain’s close.

The tips of his toes were whittled down as he stepped, the blood spilling from the wound on his chest evaporated, and he twisted his small build through the gaps in the latticed belts that blocked his way, rejecting the lowering of the curtain. Well how about that, have you ever seen anything like it? If this had been an adult’s body, he would not have been able to slip through the gaps, so after various deductions, it was the current Cecilus’s win.

Having won, he decided he would keep on winning, so in order to secure victory, he flashed his teeth in a smile――,

Cecilus: [This is where imagination will spread its wings!]

With no room to stop moving as the fierce onslaught rained down upon him, he ignored everything as blood spurted from his deep wound.

The acceleration of his thoughts in the midst of battle was spectacular, and up until now, the fight had received great praise, applause, and loud cheers. However, at this rate, it would progressively become worse, boring, and hated by everyone; in order to devise the best directorial plan, he would need to put the functions of his body through a gear change to prioritize shining on the stage.

――First of all, he cut his ability to discern colors. The world was dyed black and white.

The coloration of the world lost its vibrance, but a monochrome world had the advantage of displaying the true nature of things which could only be displayed in a monochrome world.

――Next, he cut his ability to identify sounds. The voices of the audience and his own heartbeat, the delayed sounds of the bands of light cutting through the wind and of the stage being demolished, were all entirely abandoned.

A soundless world was dull, but there was a flavor that could only come from this refined taste of enjoying discomfort. It was in this environment where that flavor could be found, that of delight assailing one’s chest upon witnessing the masterful performance within the faces and gestures of the actors.

――In addition, he also cut his senses of taste, smell, and pain. He fully wielded his body for the purpose of battle, fully concentrated his mind on the thoughts that flashed by, and raised the curtain on the theater that was the imaginary field of vision within his mind.

Cecilus: [――Well then.]

Thus, with that breath interposed, the world of black and white―― in the space where he continued to evade the fierce attacks from the belts of diamond, Cecilus was quite literally looking down upon himself as he earnestly struggled while putting on airs.

Expressing the acceleration of thoughts in a fantastical manner, it was a sensation akin to a single instant being prolonged. That having been said, it was not all-powerful. The leading actor might excel at preserving the scene, but there was a limit to how much they could captivate the audience if the situation did not move. It was the progression of a story that swayed hearts.

That diamond heroine had made an entreaty whilst crying, and though Cecilus had taken great offense to that, he had distorted the intentions of that appeal for his own convenience, and he had no choice but to gain the driving force necessary to propel this situation that was steadily progressing in slow-mo.

Cecilus: [――――]

Thinking by normal standards, the girl was someone who was affiliated with Cecilus. There was also the possibility that she was a hardcore fan who one-sidedly knew the overly famous Cecilus, but even supposing that were the case, it would pose no problems in his thoughts from here on out, so it ought not be questioned whether or not that was true.

What was important here, was that the Cecilus Segmunt she was familiar with was not his current self, but the annoying Before Cecilus who often came up in conversation.

Others would probably be astonished were they to hear about it, and Schwartz and Tanza had actually been astonished by it, but Cecilus had absolutely no interest whatsoever in that topic of the Before Cecilus.

No matter what he was told, it was a stranger’s affairs; no matter what he did, it was an accidental resemblance; no matter what remained, it was someone else’s achievements.

That was Cecilus’s perception, and hence the Before and After within Cecilus were clearly differentiated. That was the same perception as the heroine, who seemed to be in a floundering state after having found something to eat.

The heroine did not view the Before Cecilus and the After Cecilus as the same being.

Cecilus: [That in itself is a welcome development and since it’s not progressing into something telling me to become big I’m left with no choice but to progress things in the state they currently are!]

???: [I wonder about that. In spite of being grateful that I’m being considered a separate entity I feel a clear discontent at the fact that I’m not the one who is required.]

As Cecilus pondered, another Cecilus suddenly appeared beside him.

Even though he had just declared that the Before and After Ceciluses were separate, it was quite confusing for Another Cecilus to appear here, but it was true that a conversational partner being here meant that he was on the right track.

Cecilus: [Well, let’s perceive this as the result of my heightened concentration making the acceleration of thoughts easier to understand through a visual metaphor. More importantly is the topic of the current heroine.]

Cecilus: [I think that rather than the topic of the heroine, the topic is more so that of her stance when it comes to me. Of course if you look at Boss and Tanza-san it’s not difficult to imagine that the relationship between a key figure within a story and their heroine can produce a chemistry that hadn’t existed up until then.]

Cecilus: [So you’re saying that such chemistry can also be produced between me and her?]

Cecilus: [I wonder. Why did you decide to make her the heroine in the first place again?]

Cecilus: [Was just going with the flow.]

Cecilus: [With the flow, huh~?]

Cecilus: [But but you know the thing that Boss called a live feeling isn’t something to look down on. Swift decisions and spinal reflexes are essentially inspiration that relies on instinct but isn’t it the case that I’ve gotten through many scenes because I’ve followed my instincts?]

Cecilus: [True, now that you mention it. So you’re saying that since your current state is the result of having followed your instincts the best thing to do is to keep following your instincts?]

Cecilus: [That’s the kind of feeling I get. However if that’s what’s gonna happen then, y’know. ――My current instincts are wondering why it’s someone other than myself, Cecilus Segmunt, who’s being relied on.]

Cecilus: [I see. But that’s a matter of her not wanting the current me, isn’t it? The one being requested is the Before Cecilus but does that mean that the After Cecilus thinks he can’t do what the Before Cecilus would be able to do?]

Cecilus: [Ah, in that case, the solution is for the current me to surpass the previous me.]

Cecilus: [Nooo~ objections!]

The two Ceciluses nodded at each other, and having reached a mutual agreement, a dispute then occurred over which one of them would return to the Real Cecilus whom they were looking down upon.

An unproductive battle to decide which one of them was the true soul of Cecilus began, and then concluded―― immediately after, time for the Real Cecilus began to move as normal, and he resumed dealing with the twelve lines of death birthed from diamond being fired from the heavenly maiden’s feathered robe.

Cecilus: [――I’ve been looking at things slowly so the speed of my sensations is fast fast fast!]

The twelve dancing light belts each acted independently with their own will, and drew irregular trajectories like living creatures differing from ordinary weapons. When he tried to knock one down with a karate chop, the part which made contact was gouged out entirely and became painful to look at. He perceived that they were even sharper than Rowan’s treasured Onibami, so this was quite the hard enemy.

Only, while he was being surrounded by the swarm of highly lethal, yet beautiful, gemstones, Cecilus thought to himself.

Cecilus: [That phrasing of “kill me”, it means that she thinks the Cecilus within her head would be able to do so.]

In other words, that was an expression of trust that if it were the Cecilus within her head, he would easily be able to break through this diamond besiegement and reach her, and then magnificently cause her heart to stop.

Naturally, since Cecilus intended to surpass the previous Cecilus, it was an essential condition that he go above and beyond that――,

Cecilus: [If it’s something that the Before me has never done before, then how about this?]

For the hurdle he had imposed to surpass his own self, there was a spark in Cecilus’s thoughts.

If it were the Before Cecilus, he might have been able to entirely avoid the incoming attack, but if it were the Perfect Cecilus that resulted from the unity of the After Cecilus and the Another Cecilus, then he would create a climax that was more than merely evasion.

A belt of light was aimed for above his neck, a glimmer approached his torso, a cleaving motion aimed to shave off his feet rather than sweep him off of them; he stepped with his left and right legs in sequence to evade, then bent himself backwards, crouched down, stretched out his knees and jumped up in a complete evasion of all the shots, and as a result――,

Cecilus: [This is the cat’s cradle of light!]

He kept on evading the twelve independent light belts at a hair’s breadth, and guiding them to become entangled mid-air, he magnificently knotted them into a web which became the “Tokyo Tower”.

During their journey from the Gladiator Island, Schwartz had displayed a pastime that involved playing with yarn, and since Tanza was unusually and openly impressed with that, it caused Schwartz to get seriously bashful; such was what Cecilus had recreated.

Of course, there was no meaning even if he did such a thing.

The diamond belts were made from colossal Mana, and there was no limit to their length; once a knot was formed, it could be untied by breaking down and reconstructing itself, so it would be just as if nothing had happened.

He had no such mistaken sense of triumph that he had contained the opponent’s attacks by this.

Only, he had acquired something. Conviction.

Cecilus: [I will surpass myself.]

He had not seen the actual individual. Neither could he actually draw a comparison with him.

However, the Before Cecilus that Cecilus pictured inside his head, had never created this “Tokyo Tower”. Because there was no “Tokyo Tower” inside of him.

So even if the Before Cecilus might have been able to successfully dodge, when it came to triumphantly creating a climax that would go beyond simply evading, the current Cecilus was in the lead by a step.

Cecilus: [――――]

Right after that conviction, the formation of the “Tokyo Tower” of light beneath Cecilus came undone.

Returning to Mana, it reconstructed itself, as had been hypothesized―― what had been slightly outside of the hypothesis, was that during the moment of construction, a colorless explosion would be yielded.

If it merely got erased then she would have kept losing as they played, and that occurrence seemed like a rebellious spirit opposed to that――,

Cecilus: [You are quite the sore loser!]

In a world that had no color, in which even his own voice was ignored by his eardrums, Cecilus was impressed by the heroine as he gazed at her from afar.

After being impressed, a colorless beam of light gradually ascended from directly below him―― suffering a direct hit would cancel out his evasion of the belts, and the degree of freedom he had in the air was overwhelmingly lower than what he had on the ground.

This was bad, bad bad bad bad; he got fired up.

――Expanding his imaginary field of vision once again, he carried out a gear change on the functions of his body.

Sense of color, maintain current status. Sense of hearing, maintain current status. Sense of pain and sense of touch, reactivate; hiding the pain that instantly boiled up behind a smile with teeth bared, he searched for the “key” amidst the sensation of a single second being divided up into one hundred parts.

With that, he could search for the “key” that would turn the script over to the next page.

Cecilus: [――There it is.]

Laying the nerves within his body bare, he engaged in the hyper-dimensional act of savagery that was exposing them to the wind, and as he ascended, Cecilus’s outstretched leg hit something.

It was neither a convenient wall nor building. What had been hit was, from the cityscape being destroyed as it was engulfed in the battle between Cecilus and the heroine, a fragment of the rubble that had been whirled up, a single grain of gravel.

That, he used as a foothold.

Cecilus: [Shwee.]

Using the exceedingly faint sensation that had struck the sole of his foot as a foothold, Cecilus’s body leapt through the air.

To avoid the rising achromatic destruction from catching up to him, Cecilus stepped again onto blown up splinters of wood and shattered fragments of window glass, and finally stepping onto a slightly larger cinder of ash, he escaped higher.

Why was he able to do it? He could do it simply because he could, he would make all those who saw him believe so.

Disregarding various logical and general notions, Cecilus’s action of fleeing to the sky was an outrage against common sense. Those who witnessed it might have called it a miracle, but for Cecilus, this was only the beginning, nothing more than a handful of the miracles that arrived to color the world at various moments each and every day.

And thus, if he continued to cause these miracles――,

Cecilus: [Impatient reality will bare its fangs.]

Cecilus escaped the beam of light thanks to his unreasonable ascension, and before right or wrong could come as a result from that escape, the reconstructed light belts ate into the colorless beam of light from within, and began to chase Cecilus through the sky.

As the twelve belts entangled in a helix, its tip radially expanded while pointing towards Cecilus, and just as a carnivorous plant would captivate bugs with its beautiful petals, it bit at him. The flower petals closing like a bud, Cecilus would have no means to escape being swallowed by the diamond flower.

That too, surely, would only have been if it were the Cecilus who was not the current Cecilus.

Cecilus: [Bang.]

And, the sound of an atmospheric explosion a hundredfold of the sound he had voiced shook the battlefield.

Unfortunately, although Cecilus himself had shut out all sounds and thus could not hear it, he was sorry to the eardrums of the heroine and of Al who were also present in this location. But then again, the thing that made him want to complain the most, was probably the sky that Cecilus had kicked, and had caused to explode.

Cecilus, who could leave sound behind and run at lightning speed, was well aware that the atmosphere had walls. Kicking those walls was not an easy feat, but it would have been troubling to be disdained as a poor actor who had messed up the climax. Even if he was performing without a rehearsal, perfectly captivating the audience was essential for the leading actor.

As a result, together with the sound of the explosion, Cecilus’s body shot straight downwards. He took a sharp nosedive, and faster than the diamond flowerbud could finish closing, he escaped the petals and fell to the ground.

Cecilus directly pierced the ground, and undoubtedly yielded an impact akin to a lightning strike.

He had paid the price with his right leg, which was now in a horrid state from the knee down, but it was hard to determine whether a gallant figure seizing victory unscathed or the fierce figure sustaining injuries while felling the opponent would make for a better picture. It would be discourteous for the audience to go on and on about what should have been done after the fact, so he puffed out his chest with the sensation of receiving thunderous applause, and proceeded forward, forward――.

Cecilus: [――Ten steps.]

By eye, he measured the distance to the heroine in the sky, and purposely stepped forward with his bloodied leg.

Aiming for Cecilus as he broke out into a run, the once closed flowerbud expanded anew, and as the diamond petals rained down on him as if they were being scattered from the spores, he left them in the dust with a single large step.

Cecilus: [――Nine steps.]

The space to Cecilus’s left and right distorted, and as they twisted, pillars of stone appeared.

Methods of attack other than the belts of diamond light resumed here, and clenching his teeth at the detestable arrangement, he unreasonably overworked his right leg that was placed on the ground in a reckless manner, and gaining speed, he sacrificed some stray hairs as he slipped through the gap in the pillars coming at him from left and right; the atmosphere ended up being the only thing that got pulverized.

Cecilus: [――Eight steps.]

Smashing the ground, there were several quadrilateral blocks around the size of houses―― masses of stone in the shapes of cubes emerged, and were fired towards him like a barrage of throwing spears.

Stretching out the knee of his left leg, he stepped on the tip of an approaching rock spear, and using that, which was so fatal that it could have also functioned as a gravestone immediately after a direct hit, as a foothold, he plunged into the barrage.

Cecilus: [――Seven steps, six steps, abridge the rest!]

Adapting to the unforeseen situation, he reset the count of steps, and slipping past the storm of stone pillars constructed to reject the After Cecilus, the distance that once seemed to be infinite now closed in on zero.

The heroine exerted her fury to allow none other than the Cecilus she accepted, the Cecilus who could reach her, to get close.

At that stubborn, obstinate heroine, Cecilus was fired up to prove that even his current self could reach her.

That was undoubtedly a world-leading destructive contest of obstinacy on a level of danger that would go down in the history of the Empire.

Taking control of that struggle of obstinacy, Cecilus would accomplish that.

It was not a matter of what he would do once he accomplished it. He simply wanted to accomplish it, and so he would.

Cecilus: [――Two steps!!]

With karate chops from both of his hands, he blew away the obstructing stone pillars, and inferring the distance until the heroine who had been concealed, from where he had jumped out, he spotted her around ten meters in the sky above him; while giving a standing ovation to his instincts within his brain, he seized the range.

Cecilus: [――――]

Thereupon, through the process of breaking down and reconstructing themselves, the twelve belts of adamantine light blocked the way again.

Escaping the storm of stone pillars, Cecilus looked up, and receiving that gaze, the heroine directed her belts of light towards him once more. In that moment, while greatly capturing the range, the light belts spread out, and their tips faintly flickered; the ultrathin articles divided themselves further, from twelve to twenty-four, from twenty-four to forty-eight, from forty-eight to ninety-six, from ninety-six to one hundred and ninety-two, from one hundred and ninety-two to three hundred and eighty-four, from three hundred and eighty-four to――,

Cecilus: [~~Hk.]

As the light belts branched to an extent that became too absurd to enumerate, they beautifully glistened in the sky as they came falling down like a waterfall.

Left, right, and behind, the directions which would have been a path of escape were filled with the pillars of stone; the stage had been transformed into an inescapable barrier. The only path was straight ahead, and even just a graze from the drops of the falling light would have been a fatal, inevitable death, let alone getting struck head-on.

――Fatal, inescapable, fatal, inescapable, fatal, inescapable, fatal, inescapable, fatal, inescapable, fatal, inescapable, fatal, inescapable, fatal, inescapable, fatal, inescapable, fatal, inescapable, fatal, inescapable, fatal, inescapable.

Cecilus: [――――]

The world devoid of color and sound was permeated with the probability of Death.

Before the destiny of an unavoidable Death, he recalled all the miracles he had accumulated.

It was a miracle that his right leg was still attached at the knee; it was a miracle that he could still move with an exceedingly deep wound in his chest that almost revealed his heart; it was a miracle that he still was overflowing with motivation at the figure of the heroine as she continued to cry.

And then――,

Cecilus: [――――]

――It was a miracle that within Cecilus’s hand as it reached towards the heavens, a prop had arrived with the best possible timing.


――Twelve thousand two hundred and eighty-eight times.

That was the number of times Al had spent figuring out his role on this stage.

Al: [――――]

Immediately after Cecilus, with his hair in a bun, had changed his mind with a reasoning that Al did not understand, the battle accelerated further into the realm that laughed at the thought of Al’s intervention.

From the get-go, it was a battlefield where he knew there was little he could do.

Within his defined territory, even after nearly two hundred attempts, he only had two opportunities to intervene. Those two times had been undoubtedly meaningful, but in a battle that had kicked up a notch, there was not a single chance for Al to intervene.

To begin with, Arakiya herself was not even able to endure the aftermath of the attacks she was aiming at Cecilus.

Unlike the attacks from before Arakiya’s transformation into her deformed state with the magical crystals, where she simply shot out the mana that welled up, her current attacks were clearly more sophisticated. The destructive power wielded by Arakiya―― what could have been called “belts of light” had caused the entire area to become completely destroyed, and Al, who had been roped up by them, had been obliterated more than two thousand times.

What was the point of being in a battle in which one’s mere presence would be fatal?

However, he had no choice but to give up on any form of intervention and withdraw from the battlefield. For, if he did not, Cecilus would be killed by a belt of light before he could reach Arakiya.

In order to change this unchangeable outcome, Al looked for an opening to intervene―― repeatedly getting himself roped up there. After many hundreds, thousands of times, he realized this.

There were problems with Al’s positioning, and there were times when he was obliterated by one of the belts as if he were merely a bug to be swatted away. Still, if he managed to see Cecilus make it over before Arakiya, he witnessed Cecilus’s incomprehensible movements as he was subjected to an inevitable attack.

――Just before the belts of light that wrapped around Arakiya branched out into a hopeless number and poured down, Cecilus reached out toward the heavens.

???: [――――]

At first, Al thought that Cecilus was about to unleash his full strength with his karate chop. However, Cecilus’s right hand showed no sign of moving, even at the moment the light rained down.

It was not until hundreds of times later that he realized that he was not performing a karate chop, but was rather extending his five fingers.

It was not a karate chop or a fist, but an open palm facing the heavens. He had no idea what it meant. He did consider the surprise of him suddenly using magic, but in any case, Cecilus, with his magic a dud, would end up being swallowed by the shimmering light, and Al would likewise be roped up and obliterated.

???: [――――]

After confirming this, attempts continued to be made in vain, with no room for intervention.

In the ultra-fast-paced battles, the results were as quick as the blink of an eye, and even before a situation was ascertained, the possibilities were examined, and the ideas were given shape, the amount of reversible defeats piling up at an accelerated rate.

Even if he was not impatient with that fact, he was frustrated by the fact that he could not reach the destination.

A tremendous sense of regret ate away at him, making him wonder if he had made a mistake by hesitating to withdraw when he should have, leading him into a dead-end route, only for him to be turned to cinders along with those feelings.

Despite Al’s desperate attempts, Cecilus did not even look at him, and Arakiya did not give him a second thought. It was really frustrating.

It made him feel that this was their own private struggle and that they had only been repeatedly telling him so endlessly, thousands of times, and by violent and impulsive means.

――What if that was not the case?

???: [――――]

It was a possibility that had unexpectedly slipped into his mind, and Al quickly shook his head to deny it.

Several times, he had sensed an idea beginning to sprout and had witnessed the signs of its development, but in each case, there were no further results, and each time, it disappeared, swallowed by the light of doom.

However, this time, uncharacteristically, that idea was brought past the end into the next restart.

What if that was not the case? ――What if there was room for intervention?

???: [――――]

Thoroughly, Al decided to cling to the sprouting possibilities.

Cecilus would avoid all of Arakiya’s attacks and arrive in front of her. The shimmering belts of light that clothed her would spread out into countless branches and pour down, ending with light engulfing the world.

Over and over again, he kept trying to get a complete picture of what was going on up until this final act.

During this, he had noticed Cecilus was underestimating the belts of light, taking him aback.

During this, he had noticed Cecilus kicking off empty space and flying through it, taking him aback.

During this, he had noticed that he was actually kicking off pebbles and scraps of ash, not empty space, taking him even more aback.

And so, he proceeded in furthering his understanding, furthering it, furthering it, before then raising his head.

Cecilus was perhaps, or maybe, was, more or less――,

――Reaching towards the heavens as part of constructing his spotlight.

???: [――――]

Al thought to himself in shock, “What else could be expected of me?” as he was obliterated.

The hurdles of those demands were so high that thoughts like “There’s no way” and “Maybe, it could…” began to dance through his mind. But then, the realization hit him. He had been dragged into it.

Right smack-dab in the middle of the stage, not just on top of it, vacillating between getting off of it or not――.

???: [――――]

It became a long struggle from there. No one would understand. No one needed to.

He must survive up to that moment, flounder over to that moment, reach that moment and intervene in that moment.

It would require a lot of struggling to achieve this. But this was fine. ――Not as many as there were stars.

Because of that――,

Al: [――Go for it, star actor.]

On the twelve thousand two hundred and eighty-eighth time―― the hilt of the Blue Dragon Sword was thrown into Cecilus’s hand, which he held up to the sky, gripping it ever so tightly.


――In the past, there was a building known as the “loot house”.

In the slums of the Royal Capital of Lugunica, the symbol of the Kingdom’s long-standing debt, was a place shrouded in darkness where stolen goods were openly traded.

Amidst battles over the crucial item that could determine the fate of the Kingdom, the loot house became the stage for confrontations, ultimately meeting its demise in the clash involving the current Sword Saint, Reinhard van Astrea, who intervened to defeat the Bowel Hunter, Elsa Granhiert, resulting in its collapse.

At that moment, the sword Reinhard wielded was a nameless, mass-produced blade.

It did not possess any extraordinary sharpness; it was merely a sword borrowed by Reinhard that happened to be in the loot house and used for the battle.

However, with that single swing in the hands of the Sword Saint Reinhard, it gained the opportunity to unleash a sword strike that even the most famous and treasured swords would never experience.

Of course, no ordinary sword could withstand that single slash, and it instantly crumbled in Reinhard’s hands, ending its life as a tangible object there.

However, was the broken sword truly unfortunate?

It was impossible for one to fathom the feelings of a tool, but between a sword gathering dust in a corner of the loot house, rusting away for decades before being discarded, or fulfilling its purpose as a tool, which could be said to have better fulfilled its true purpose?

One could say that the sword fulfilled in a single swing what it might have taken a thousand or even ten thousand swings in the hands of an ordinary wielder to achieve.

The story has begun to veer off its main point, so we shall get it back on track.

Simply put, the reason for the collapse of the loot house was that an ordinary, blunt blade had found a wielder who could fulfill its true purpose as a sword, and thus had it been swung.

If that was the case, then.

If the Sword Saint could achieve that, there was no reason why an equally skilled wielder could not do the same.

Cecilus: [――You did a great job, Al-san.]

Confirming the sensation in the outstretched hand with conviction, Cecilus praised the man who had performed a miracle.

And thus did he acknowledge, and thus did he assert. Cecilus could not even begin to imagine the difficulties Al faced in handing over the Blue Dragon Sword to him right now.

Human imagination was infinite, but even the rash idea of reaching infinity was presumptuous.

It was like the peak of a mountain that was known to exist but could not be reached―― a fantastical dream akin to the Heavenly Sword that Cecilus continued to pursue.

However, Al had made it in time.

Through means unimaginable even to Cecilus, Al had overcome the mountain and delivered the miracle Cecilus desired into his hands.

Bravo, bravo, nothing else but the sound of bravo, and thunderous ovation to the sounds of blooming incredible.

???: [――――]

The rain of light became unavoidable Death and poured down upon Cecilus.

When one became an actor of Cecilus’s caliber, one might understand that the audience often desired a beautiful, star-studded ending rather than a mundane demise, and under certain circumstances, one might even consider it fitting, but now was not a good time. This was not the curtain call he had envisioned.


Cecilus: [That ending needs a rewrite.]

Cecilus swung the slightly oversized Blue Dragon Sword with the skill of a seasoned swordsman, as if he had swung it thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of millions of times before.

Even though it would have been the first time he wielded the weapon, within Cecilus’s ever so expansive imagination and theater of his mind, there existed a record of swinging this Blue Dragon Sword throughout the mornings, afternoons, and nights, puking up blood and sweating profusely. However, depicting such scenes would be NG for Cecilus, so he simply plucked the fruits of his efforts.

――In an instant, a flash of lightning that transcended the limits of the Blue Dragon Sword, slashed away the pouring rain of light into nihil.

It was not just the countless strands of light that were obliterated in that flash. The dense forest of stone pillars that cover Cecilus’s left, right, and rear, attempting to seal off any escape routes, was blown to smithereens.

At this moment, Cecilus Segmunt’s sword strike had surpassed the Spirit Eater Arakiya―― No, it had surpassed the Stone, Muspel, which was said to be the very land of the Vollachian Empire.

???: [――――]

Then, beyond the rain of light, Cecilus and Arakiya’s gazes met――,

Cecilus: [――Hk.]

Cecilus twisted his neck to evade the thirteenth strand of light released. It grazed his right cheek, with the lower half of his right ear being obliterated; blood evaporated from his frayed neck and shoulder, but he successfully avoided the attack.

He praised the fact she had yet managed to conceal an ace of hers behind the rain of light, and more so concealed it well,

Cecilus: [One step――]

Resuming the count of steps remaining to cover the distance, he kicked the ground with his left foot and ascended into the air.

From there, Cecilus’s lightning-fast sprint closed in on Arakiya in the sky――,

???: [――――]

In an instant, the strands of light he had evaded gave rise to a colorless explosion, and Cecilus’s head was struck with the force of the blast.


Cecilus: [――Oya?]

Suddenly, finding himself standing stock-still in an unfamiliar room thrust into twilight, Cecilus tilted his head.

He looked around his surroundings, but it was a place he had no recollection of ever seeing. Cecilus had a reputation of being forgetful, but surprisingly, he would never forget places and things once he had seen them.

No matter the situation or prop, there might eventually be an opportunity to put it to use. The things known as stage effects were also occasionally born from unforeseen ideas.

Cecilus: [So it’s a place that even I’m unaware of. Or rather to begin with the fact that I’m present in this kind of place is really putting my sense of discomfort to work.]

Even though he had no memory of this location, he was not so careless as to forget what he had been doing just before.

In the Imperial Capital filled with undead, begged by a sobbing heroine to kill her, Cecilus took offense to that and had resolved himself to surpass his past self, and ought to have pulverized Al’s Blue Dragon Sword.

Cecilus: [It sure seems like I’m escaping from reality because things ended there and I’m worrying over having destroyed Al-san’s Blue Dragon Sword. As expected, that’s… woah woah woah.]

If he broke someone else’s possession, even Cecilus would feel pain in his chest. But, all things had a lifespan and a destiny. If the chance came around, there were things that ought not to be fretted about when destroyed. Al’s Blue Dragon Sword fit into that category. After everything was settled, it would be fine if he relied on Schwartz to reimburse Al.

When such a conclusion was about to be made, a change in the room had been yielded. ――As light from the setting sun shone through the window, the door within the unfamiliar room was opened.

And then――,

???: [Well, it’s quite the nice thing isn’t it, to be summoned even when I have no memory of being called for. Whenever I’m called it’s always because I’m being scolded for something, but I’m not worried about that today!]

Cecilus: [――Hahaa, I see.]

While giving a cackling laugh, the one who entered the room with light steps was a blue-haired, slender young man―― clad in a pink kimono, the person wearing zori was someone Cecilus had never seen before, but he could guess who it was.

With long limbs, and a refined appearance that still contained a soft impression, there were many common features to his own which he checked in the mirror everyday, so there was no longer even the slightest room for doubt.

Cecilus: [It’s the adult me. Which would mean these are the memories of the Before me?]

Ascertaining the existence of his past self―― of “Cecilus”, Cecilus surmised the situation.

Since the topic of the Blue Lightning had spread to so many people, it was unreasonable to suspect that he had not existed, but actually seeing the big version of himself like this was quite moving.

Since he was aspiring to surpass himself, this “Cecilus” should have been someone like a rival to him, but――,

Cecilus: [Hm hm, isn’t this great! The way I grew up was quite ideal indeed! The flowery beauty is fully intact while sex appeal has risen and the handsomeness has gone through the roof!]

Witnessing the figure of “Cecilus” before him, he was utterly enchanted by how big of a deal it was.

Since his frame of mind was likely the same as that of the current Cecilus, maintaining the spirit that he was the leading actor of this world, it was only natural that he had kept his mind and body in tip-top condition.

That such a way of thinking had been diligently put into practice, was in itself a very welcome sentiment.

Cecilus: [Let’s see. Although it may be nice to be presented with a grown version of myself like this I can’t get a read on the next development. Perhaps in order to actualize the idea of me surpassing myself I’ve been plunged into a sword battle against the former me? But, considering that it seems like this me can’t be seen by that me…]

Containing his excitement, Cecilus shifted doubt upon the current situation once again.

Even when a hand was waved right in front of his eyes, “Cecilus” did not notice the presence of Cecilus here. If he could not interfere with this scene, then just what was the meaning to be had here?

The answer to that would be clearly exhibited with the progression of the situation.

???: [――Whether it is scolding or not, I think depends on whether you have self-awareness in the given case, but is it not premature to be relieved simply because you haven’t a cluuue?]

Subsequently, the voice heard was from the person who had entered the room a bit after “Cecilus”.

That person closed the door with a hand behind their back, and glancing towards “Cecilus”, who had entered before him, he narrowed his long-slitted eyes.

What a terribly odd appearance that person had.

With long, white hair framing a white face, a form that was white throughout its entirety, even to its clothing and equipped tactical fan, the figure that was slimmer and taller than even “Cecilus” looked like a shady goblin that would show up in a picture book.

From that appearance, Cecilus received an impact that was truly to his liking.

“Cecilus”: [Unh. By saying that do you mean that I just didn’t realize and it actually is a scolding after all? In that case I really messed up by entering the room first. I’ll burst through the window and rush up the wall to escape, Chisha.]

Chisha: [That would stir up the soldiers of the palace so I would prefer if you refrained from such eccentricities. For the time being, it truly is not a scolding today. You do not have to be so on guard.]

“Cecilus”: [Please now, don’t frighten me like that. Jeez, Chisha really is bad with people. No matter how many years pass, that aspect sure doesn’t change.]

Chisha: [――. Indeed, though it is unusual, I am in agreemeeent.]

That white personage was called Chisha in an easygoing manner by “Cecilus”.

In that case, the man’s name was probably Chisha, and “Cecilus” was quite close with him. Currently, Cecilus had no acquaintance with Chisha, but he could tell from their interaction that they had known each other for a period of years. He also understood that it was no small amount of years from “Cecilus’s” remarks.

Cecilus: [Hm.]

The age of “Cecilus” seemed to be around twenty, with a margin for error of around one or two years. That meant there was a gap of around ten years with Cecilus’s current state, so he surmised that his relationship with Chisha was during that time.

Considering how Cecilus’s name of the Blue Lightning had spread, ten years felt like quite a reasonable timeline. ――In other words, there was a high possibility that the scene of the past that Cecilus was watching was within one or two years of the present.

Grasping that, Cecilus progressed his thoughts further, and cocked his head at the same time.

It was natural to get caught up on this, but the reason why this past could be seen, and why he was seeing this past―― regardless of the latter, he could generally comprehend the former.

Cecilus: [Supposing it’s true that I was shrunk then I think the memories from before I became small were just sealed away and didn’t actually disappear or anything.]

Since he had no memory of the time he was shrunk, he did not really understand the mechanism behind the shrinking, but it should not have been able to entirely erase ten of the years Cecilus had lived. Even so, the reason he could not remember the memories from those ten years, was none other than because his body and mind mutually influenced each other.

Just as how Cecilus’s body would be able to implement whatever he believed possible, his mind would have no choice but to regress in tandem if his body had certifiably shrunk. ――It was probably something like that.

Therefore, Cecilus thought that his memories themselves had merely been dormant, while actually having been inside of himself this whole time. Since he thought so, there was no issue with the fact in itself that they could be seen.

The issue was, as before, the reason why he was seeing them.

Cecilus: […This seems like the memory of the time I got shrunk.]

Indeed, the reason why Cecilus had muttered that with a bitter look on his face, was because he had hit upon an unpleasant possibility.

Cecilus had never experienced it for himself, but when people were on the verge of death, it seemed like they would seek a method to escape the approaching doom before them, and would trace back through the memories of their life. It was a function of searching for an idea to refuse Death amidst the life they had accumulated up until then.

Thus, the reason for Cecilus’s bitter-faced answer, was undoubtedly the suspicion that this scene before his eyes might have been a spark from Cecilus’s lifetime in order to save his life.

In other words, if this was as Cecilus suspected, and was the memory from the time he had been shrunk, then could it have been a scene where the opposite was also true?

Cecilus: [Isn’t this something like seeing the place where I was shrunk, and then gaining a hint for the method of returning to my original form, and breaking the deadlock of the situation? Isn’t that like really really lame?]

Despite declaring that he would surpass himself, having stepped towards the heroine with the resolve to die as she spilled tears, and Al having provided the greatest assist that went above and beyond his minor-role, he would fail to carry out his original intention.

As such an answer for his own failure lay before his eyes, Cecilus had unpleasant feelings in the depths of his heart.

Cecilus: [Don’t like it, I don’t like it, I don’t like it one bit!]

Throwing himself down onto the floor of the room, he rambunctiously threw a tantrum and flailed his limbs around. But, Cecilus’s reluctance did not put a stop to the conversation between “Cecilus” and Chisha.

Leaving Cecilus behind as he sprawled himself out on the floor, the two people continued with their discussion.

“Cecilus”: [You’re making a somewhat complex expression, Chisha.]

Chisha: [――. My goodness, even though you usually do not pay much mind to the countenances of others, you are only ever sharp at times like these; that is the reason I find you to be troublesooome.]

“Cecilus”: [Hahaha, you sure are saying some funny things. I do regularly look at the faces of people in my surroundings. It’s just that most of the time I just look at them and then ignore it without touching on the subject!]

Chisha: [Then, for what reason have you touched upon it today?]

“Cecilus”: [Why wouldn’t I be worried if my friend is tired? I think it’s a rather normal thing.]

Chisha: [It is ridiculous to hear a word such as “normal” coming from your mouth.]

With a face on which not even a hint of a smile emerged, Chisha replied so, to which “Cecilus” pouted his lips.

At that state, Cecilus, unable to interfere with the memory, gave up on his whining and looked up while sitting cross-legged. A friend, the fact that he said that word and the fact that he had one, were the height of surprise.

Even if Schwartz and Tanza, Gustav and the Pleiades Battalion were his allies, they were not his friends or family. To think that he would have a friend.

However, leaving aside Cecilus’s deep emotions, Chisha suddenly gave a distant look, and while calling “Cecilus’s” name,

Chisha: [Supposing the views of myself and His Excellency ran in opposition to each other, just how do you think events would play ouuut?]

“Cecilus”: [If His Excellency and Chisha did? If you can talk it out then you should talk it out but if there’s no use in talking it out then wouldn’t the only option be to have a showdown?]

Chisha: [When the time for that showdown comes, how would you proceed?]

“Cecilus”: [Naturally I’d be His Excellency’s ally. That goes without saying, doesn’t it?]

Without reserve, without fervor, “Cecilus” plainly answered with a tone of voice unaltered. Then, hopping up and sitting his bum down on the desk in the inner part of the room, he suspended his legs and looked at Chisha.

Resting his chin in his hands, “Cecilus” closed one of his blue eyes, and,

“Cecilus”: [A roundabout and enigmatic hypothetical story… by some chance, is Chisha perhaps plotting something?]

Chisha: [I suppose that is sooo… It is absolutely necessary to prepare for a large, large battle.]

Cecilus: [――A large battle.] / “Cecilus”: [――A large battle.]

Reacting to Chisha’s statement, both the past and the present Cecilus overlapped in their remarks.

It was a matter that “Cecilus” seemed to not have a clue about, and Cecilus did not know Chisha well enough to declare that it was in reference to the current happenings. At those words, Chisha joined his hands together behind his back and, walking up to the window,

Chisha: [It is a battle we must win no matter the cost. However, in regards to that great battle, His Excellency and I are of differing opinions. Even from the establishment of victory conditions, my view does not align with His Excellency’s. I have found no room for us to come to a common ground.]

“Cecilus”: [It’s quite rare for Chisha to act independently from His Excellency. Or rather than rare, wouldn’t this be the first time?]

Chisha: [I do not think that is sooo. Often, I will convey my own opinions to His Excellency…]

“Cecilus”: [That’s right. So this is the first time Chisha is giving up on trying to persuade His Excellency.]

Chisha: [――――]

Gazing at the scenery outside the window, Chisha kept silent, and behind him, “Cecilus” turned his head around. The fact that Chisha did not reply, likely meant that “Cecilus’s” point had hit the mark.

They had known each other a long time, but that was entirely why Vincent always made unreasonable requests of Chisha. His fame as the wisest Emperor since the genesis of the Empire had been built atop Chisha’s blood, sweat, and tears.

Cecilus: […Hmm.]

Upon thinking thus, Cecilus got the feeling that he really knew Chisha well. In regards to His Excellency, who came up quite frequently in conversation, too, a vague face came to mind. For some reason, it was a face with wrinkles on its brow. The face was a haze, but the wrinkles on the brow were distinctive, and seemed to be the essence of the face.

He was not in a mental state where he could really welcome that sensation, however, Cecilus had a surge of interest in the conversation between “Cecilus” and Chisha, and he wished to see its developments through.

Chisha was acting independently from His Excellency―― from Vincent. And from there.

Chisha: [I have no intention of clashing opinions with His Excellency on this matter. It is an absolute condition that His Excellency harbors not even a smidgen of doubt. And for that purpose…]

“Cecilus”: [――I guess I’m in the way?]

Quietly, yet slightly cheerfully, “Cecilus” posed a question to Chisha’s back. Receiving it, Chisha turned around without uttering a word, and narrowed his eyes while his white body was dyed orange by the setting sun.

Yet again he did not deny. The lack of words, the silence, was proof of affirmation.

“Cecilus”: [If His Excellency and Chisha oppose each other with opinions divided then I’ll follow His Excellency no matter what. That is a major prerequisite for myself and my unyielding oath of the sword.]

Chisha: [Indeed, I accept that your answer is so. At the same time, if you stand on His Excellency’s side, then my prospects for victory are essentially nonexistent. Even were I to have Arakiya or General First-Class Olbart… no, even were I to have all of the Nine Divine Generals other than you on my side, it would likely be no match for you.]

“Cecilus”: [Ho-ho-ho-ho, now that is quite the captivating story. I’ve actually been thinking this since long ago. Even though the Nine Divine Generals are the Empire’s strongest army corps, isn’t nine too many people?]

Cecilus: [I think so too.]

Even if they were to cut four or five members, something like the Five Great Summits or the Four Heavenly Kings would not be too shabby.

Cecilus had such a perception, and “Cecilus” was in the process of gradually heightening his fighting spirit. Basking directly in the gazes of the two Ceciluses, Chisha’s expression did not crumble.

Whenever Chisha made a face like this, caution was required, as he would have some sort of unthinkable plan.

Chisha: [Unfortunately, it is not as though I have actually persuaded the Nine Divine Generals.]

“Cecilus”: [Oh is that so? Well but that’s how it is isn’t it? There’s no way Goz-san and Moguro would betray His Excellency. But in that case what are you gonna do?]

Chisha: [――――]

“Cecilus”: [Chisha’s not gonna give up there. That’s the kind of face you’re making, you know?]

A nostalgic emotion simmered up within him, but it was pushed back for later by “Cecilus’s” reaction. As “Cecilus” leaned his bum against the desk, he kept watch over Chisha’s every move.

No matter how Chisha tried to move, he could take complete control. But, that was something Chisha was well aware of.

Well now, just what would he try to do? Just how would he get the better of this “Cecilus Segmunt”, and shrink him into the current form of a small child?

Chisha: [Cecilus, I shall remove you from the board. As His Excellency and I engage in a bout of reading the other’s every move, no stage shall be prepared for you to make your appearance. There is another role that shall be arranged for you.]

“Cecilus”: [Even if you say that to me I can’t just give an answer in good spirits like “Ah yes that is indeed so”. On the other hand, since you can’t remove me through force, are you going to use the power of words? As I’m sure Chisha is aware, I’m the General with the least ability to listen in the Empire.]

Saying that, he got off of the desk and landed on the ground, and spinning around like he was dancing, “Cecilus” faced Chisha head-on. Chisha’s figure was dazzling as he stood amidst the setting sun, and “Cecilus” tilted his body forward, looking up at him with upturned eyes.

It was a relationship spanning a long time, one in which they mutually had full knowledge of the other’s good and bad aspects, and looking into the expression of such a friend, “Cecilus” smiled.

Smiling, he provoked Chisha to bring out the likes of the plan that he had prepared up his sleeve.

“Cecilus”: [Let’s see, what kind of words, views, or reasoning will you use to convince me? This will be quite the tough challenge, even for the wise man who is second only to His Excellency, Chisha Gold.]

At that cheap provocation from “Cecilus”, Chisha closed his eyes, and let a beat pass.

Then, opening those eyes, and with “Cecilus” reflected in them,

Chisha: [Cecilus. ――Please, I entrust His Excellency to you.]




――Neither was it carelessness, nor was it persuasion; the fact that it was an entreaty, filled him with awe.

“Cecilus”: [――. This isn’t fair.]

Cecilus: [――PERFECT!!]


The impression of his red blood spraying out, strongly overlapped with that of the red sunset within his memories.

With the evening glow upon his back, Chisha Gold had defeated Cecilus inside his office. Neither had he been caught in a moment of vulnerability, nor had he earnestly been persuaded by the benefits; he had been entrusted.

That was the reason why “Cecilus Segmunt” had become Cecilus Segmunt.

Cecilus: [――Hk.]

As a scorching heat assailed his senses, Cecilus’s consciousness returned to reality.

The pain to his head and half of his body, was the result of being caught in the explosion of the light belt he ought to have averted; the time in which his consciousness had disappeared into the twilight of that day had been less than a half of a half of a half of a second.

But, that stagnation was more than enough for the heroine―― for Arakiya, who was blocking the way.

Arakiya: [――――]

The Blue Dragon Sword that had crumbled within his hand, the full might of its blow ought to have erased the belts of light, but having been reconstructed through Arakiya’s power, five, six of them were restored.

Even she would not have been able to instantly regain the power lost from that attack. The magic crystal wings that had been upon her back had fissured, and amidst the sparkling fragments as they scattered about, Arakiya was present.

In the depths of that slender body, was it the Stone, Muspel, whom she had devoured?

To turn her fangs against the very land of the Vollachian Empire, he was surprised by her indiscriminate nature. Something like that, not even Cecilus would think after having seen those tears.

Having heard her utterance, he could not ridicule her with his usual tone.

Cecilus: [But, since it was made with that kind of face, I’m going to have to decline your request.]

If she had wanted to inform Cecilus of her request no matter what, she should have at least given her best smile. If she had made such a choice with no regrets and no falsehoods, and had told him with a smile on her face, then Cecilus would also have received it in earnest.

Just like that helpless friend, who, with a smile, had ordered Cecilus to shrink.

Cecilus: [Ahh, so that’s what it was?]

Even now, Cecilus’s limbs were short, and his resuscitated memories were still only fragments of what had been lying dormant.

He did not know how to return his shrunken body to its original form. The memory had ended before he could recall what concrete method Chisha had employed, and with that, the objective of the remembrance had been fulfilled.

There was a phenomenon where people faced with death would search through their memories for a way to break the deadlock. What had just happened was an unmistakable instance of that. Only, the answer of how to break through the deadlock was different to what he had anticipated.

At the end of that recollection, Cecilus had thought that he would learn the method of how to return his body to that of an adult. But, it had not been so. That it had not been so, delighted him.

People faced with death would search through their memories for a way to break the deadlock.

He had seen that face of Chisha’s, and heard his request. ――For Cecilus Segmunt, that was more than enough of a basis to believe that he could defy death.

Cecilus: [In the first place, there’s no way I’d lose.]

He had confidence and pride in plenty, however, that was not to say that his strength was his sole basis for this.

By Cecilus’s own philosophy, there was an answer as to why he would not lose against Arakiya here.

The reason was because in this place――,

Cecilus: [――Boss isn’t present. If I happened to die here he would break our promise without batting an eyelid, and come rushing over.]

Spilling that out, Cecilus gave a bitter smile with his blood-stained good looks.

That was the kind of boy Natsuki Schwartz was. Having departed from the Gladiator Island, in the midst of the eastward expedition of the Pleiades Battalion, Cecilus and Schwartz had exchanged a promise under the moon.

That was, Schwartz would not use the power of his miraculous “true sight” to save Cecilus.

It was a promise formed with mutual respect for each other, but Cecilus knew. If push came to shove, Schwartz would break his promise without batting an eye. Cecilus himself would do so too. He was the same type as Schwartz.

That was why, he knew.

If he had seen Cecilus die with his “true sight”, Schwartz would have come rushing here no matter what.

That had not happened. To put it in other words, that was faith from Schwartz.

And, that same thing was something that Cecilus directed towards Schwartz.

Cecilus: [――――]

Towards Cecilus, who had gained an illogical conviction, six belts of light furiously flickered in approach.

While already airborne, yielding a subsequent movement would be difficult, and thus Cecilus would not be able to dodge. But, even if he did not dodge, there was something he could do. That, was the trump card he had brought back from the momentary daydream.

――In Cecilus’s hand, having lost the Blue Dragon Sword, the hilt of another blade was gripped.

Cecilus: [――Masayume.]

Its inscription called out, the pattern on the blade of the Enchanted Sword shook like a rippling wave. It was a blade belonging to Cecilus Segmunt which possessed incredible power, the Dream Sword Masayume.

Much to the lament of Rowan, who was unaware of its whereabouts, it was a supernatural sword permitted to cut things beyond the logic of this world, in a similar manner to the Fiend Sword Murasame.

It had been lost together with Cecilus’s memories, so no wonder everybody had racked their brains over its whereabouts.

The Yang Sword Vollachia used the sky as its sheath. Thus, the Dream Sword Masayume used dreams as its sheath. ――Ergo, Cecilus had borrowed Masayume from the waist of “Cecilus” within the daydream.

As Masayume pulsated within his hand, it recognized the short Cecilus as its owner. Things would not have gone this easily with Murasame. He was thankful for this fortuitous encounter here.

With his gratitude received, the blade flashed―― the six approaching belts of light were slain, and conquered.

Cecilus: [I’m aiming for――]

Arakiya―― the center of her chest, at the large mass of power dwelling therein.

He would exorcize it. Never had he done so before. But, believing that he could, he would bring it to fruition. Such power existed within Cecilus. Masayume was reliable. Al was also present as an eye-witness. He would not fail, thus he fired himself up.

What remained――,

Cecilus: [Dreams are meant to be seen when you’re awake, they’re meant to enchant you, Anya.]

As he spoke so, Cecilus looked into Arakiya’s eyes during his stretched-out super speed. With tears of blood flowing from her left eye bereft of light, the emotions on the beautiful girl’s face were harder to read than usual.

Within her deeply emotional right eye, which he had grown accustomed to seeing, a visible blue flame had emerged――.

Cecilus: [――The person whom you treasure dearly, is someone who treasures you dearly too.]

Tenderly spinning those words, a flash unleashed by Thunder put an end to her nightmare.

In a manner as if to prove that dreams were something that the leading actor, standing atop the stage, would enchant the audience with.

――That was the answer given by Cecilus Segmunt, in response to the heroine’s entreaty.

Translation Note:

[1] – Tenchi Shimei (天地神明) is a Japanese phrase meaning “the Gods of Heaven and Earth”. In expressions where they are sworn upon, it conveys a sense of reverence and commitment.

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